Woman handed note at cafe warning of ‘red flags’ on date

One woman explained how a chance encounter at a cafe left her speechless – and reconsidered her date.

After a year of Covid-19 closures and restrictions, many Britons are now venturing into cafes and bars for first dates.

Singles are looking for love all over the country, but we all know not every date goes well. And, it can be hard to spot red flags and warning signs when you want someone …

Well, a man has been branded a ‘hero’ on social media after warning a woman that the man she was dating was not the right type, reports the mirror.

The lady had a date in the seat next to the man and the guy handed her a note warning her to get away from the guy she was drinking coffee with.

And, the woman, Hadia, opened up about the experience on social media – and posted a snapshot of the note he gave her when her date was in the bathroom.

The man handed her a note while her date was out of the room

The story quickly went viral on Twitter and people praised the man for alerting Hadia when he felt something was wrong.

Hadia posted: “I had coffee with a guy yesterday.

“When he went to the bathroom, the gay dude sitting behind me gave me that note.”

The note read, “Too many red flags. Run. Be careful, girl.”

On Twitter, one person said: “I can’t help but wonder how red these flags were for a full foreigner notice AND write a warning note. Big yikes.”

Hadia quickly spotted some warning signs
Hadia quickly spotted some warning signs

Hadia replied, “As shiny as my red fingernails.

“Honestly, it wasn’t THAT bad… until he got out of the bathroom.

“Everything he said after the note was a major red flag.”

Another commentator said: “If I had received this note, I would have immediately nodded ‘I appreciate it’ and ended the date sooner.

“No one will see a man’s red flags faster than another man.”

“It’s not dramatic but this advice could literally save your life,” added another.

While a woman said: “I once went on a date with a drink and the bartender was super nice to me and a little rude with my date.

“I remember wondering if it was a red flag. It turned out to be the case and he was right.

While another wrote, “Not all girls are good at spotting signs – I’ve missed a few, so having a stranger who is objective about the script notices these signs.”

“Maybe that was a real warning.”

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