Windows 11: Don’t worry about power users, there’s something here for you too

Ahead of Windows 11 Launch, the spotlight has largely focused on interface and design improvements, but it looks like power users have something to be excited about as well.

Behind the scenes, Microsoft worked on an upgrade for PowerToys, its suite of utilities for advanced Windows users. The library offers a greater range of customization options, as well as the ability to perform actions not accessible to regular users.

When Windows 11 goes online (all signs indicate a launch mid-October), the PowerToys app will come with a new look to match the curvaceous, frosted-glass aesthetic of the new operating system. But it will also receive functional upgrades, such as a new settings menu, an update interface, and accessibility options that should make DIY a bit easier.

Microsoft holds its cards close to its chest when it comes to details, but wants to make it clear that the needs of power users have not been forgotten.

PowerToys on Windows 11

The PowerToys suite has proven to be attractive over the years for Windows users who want to push the boundaries of the operating system and bypass the restrictions put in place to create a smoother but more limited experience for the average user.

The utility library includes tools such as Color Picker, which can copy color data from any running application to the clipboard, and Fancy Zones, which allows users to create layouts from complex windows specifically adapted to their applications.

Others, like Image Resizer and PowerRename, are designed to help Windows users perform common actions easier and faster, thereby maximizing productivity.

The PowerToys Run utility, on the other hand, acts as a lightweight Start menu alternative that helps users get started with files and apps faster. It can also be used to access active applications and perform system level actions, such as shutdown or restart.

The next PowerToys update suggests that Microsoft will apply the same approach to Windows 11, with additional features available to advanced users if they choose to seek it out. The new operating system may also create opportunities for new electric utilities (perhaps geared towards optimizing the new Teams integration or Windows update process), although Microsoft does not. hasn’t let anything slip yet.

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