What beer REALLY does to your body will shock you

SHOCKS: What beer actually does to your body will shock you

A few weeks ago, former pharmacist Niraj Naik shocked the world with his stats on what Coca-Cola is doing to your body.

From the first sip to 60 minutes and beyond, the British pharmacist revealed it all in a heartbreaking graphic.

He then followed up with an even more gruesome account of what the Coke does to you.

Now a site called alcoholgifts.co.uk has revealed what happens to you up to 24 hours after drinking beer.

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How beer affects your body:

First 5 minutes: A few minutes after you take a sip, the alcohol travels to your stomach where it is absorbed into your bloodstream, then it spreads throughout your body, including your brain and around your muscles.

10 mins: Your body sees alcohol as a poison, it doesn’t want to store it and aims to break it down and get rid of it as quickly as possible.

15 minutes: Your stomach is now trying to break down and remove alcohol, it now produces the enzyme “ alcohol dehydrogenase ” which converts alcohol into chemicals including acetaldehyde (which is quite toxic and is a big factor in your hangover the next day), then acetic acid and finally fatty acids and water (the last two the body likes).

It makes you sober then, but if you drink more than your liver can handle, you will get drunk.

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THE FACTS: Here’s what happens to your body for up to 24 hours after your first sip

20 minutes: You usually start to feel alcohol affecting you after 20 minutes, this includes lightheadedness, feelings of happiness, or other emotions.

45 minutes: Between this time and 90 minutes, the blood alcohol level will reach its maximum (source).

> 60 minutes: You will probably have to go to the bathroom, since alcohol is a diuretic, the kidneys drink directly from the bladder, it forces you to need the bathroom more often and dehydrates you. If you stop drinking you may feel drowsy or collapse, even if you fall asleep quickly, due to dehydration your quality of sleep is not good.

12-24 hours: When you wake up, you will likely experience one of the many symptoms of a hangover such as headache, dizziness, thirst, pallor, and tremors, most of which are caused by dehydration. Your body will always try to deal with any excess alcohol in your system.

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It is well known that a large meal before drinking known as “lining your stomach” can help because alcohol does not enter the bloodstream as quickly due to absorption from food.

If you drink champagne or something with bubbles, it can make you smell alcohol faster because of the bubbles which increase the pressure in your stomach and force the alcohol to enter your bloodstream faster.

Women your body will process alcohol more slowly than men, this is because men have more muscle tissue.

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Muscles contain more water and this dilutes alcohol, it is also argued that women have less of the enzyme that breaks down alcohol.

Your age also has an effect on the way you treat alcohol. In general, your body transforms alcohol faster as you age, many claim this is as your body and liver get used to it, and the key enzymes that break down alcohol increase with it. age.

When you are stressed, you will see an increase in the levels of hormones in your body which affect your metabolism and therefore your body’s absorption of alcohol.



Alcohol can affect the neurotransmitters in your brain that are responsible for carrying messages through your body, which is why you can lose your balance, scramble your words, slow your reaction speed, and affect your judgment.

It also makes you more likely to take risks because the chemical Gaba is produced, which reduces your communication between your brain cells.


The only real way is to let the body do its natural functions, this includes the liver burning alcohol, which it will do at a rate of 1 to 2 units per hour, this varies depending on your body, your build and many other factors.

Typically, one unit of alcohol is equivalent to half a pint of beer, a small glass of wine, or a single glass of alcohol.

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