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US Army artificial intelligence unit moves to Pittsburgh

(TNS) – The US military joins the ranks of Bakery Square.

An Army artificial intelligence unit is moving into about 13,000 square feet of space leased by Carnegie Mellon University at Bakery Office Two, real estate sources say.

The move represents an expansion for the unit, which would be affiliated with the Army’s Artificial Intelligence Integration Center.

It operated from a much smaller space at the National Robotics Engineering Center in the Strip District. The center is part of CMU’s Robotics Institute.

“CMU’s research portfolio continues to grow, and we recently sublet additional space in Bakery Square to support collaborative research with our partners, particularly in the area of ​​artificial intelligence,” the university said. in a press release.

“Some of our current partners are from across the Department of Defense, including organizations associated with the U.S. military as well as CMU’s Software Engineering Institute, which also leases space in Bakery Square.”

The move is expected to bring around 100 people to the Bakery Square complex, which borders Larimer and Shadyside. CMU apparently got the space from UPMC, which sublet a vacant suite at the university.

Jeremy Kronman, vice president of CBRE, which leases office space in Bakery Square but was not involved in the deal with the military, said the move and expansion show the strength of the city’s university sector for attract business – or in this case, the military.

“Pittsburgh’s university sector continues to attract America’s top businesses and government organizations to leverage the incredibly smart pool of talent our city is generating,” he said.

Bakery Square is probably best known as Google’s headquarters in Pittsburgh. But the gigantic search engine company isn’t the only tech-focused company moving into the complex.

Sheetz, the Altoona-based convenience store chain, is putting the finishing touches on a 20,000 square foot technical office that will house its information technology, data and innovation departments at the Bakery Office Four.

Walnut Capital, the developer behind Bakery Square, bought the two-story office building from Matthews International in 2019. The Sheetz space was an outgrowth of an innovation and technology center the company owns at the Bakery Office Two.

Other businesses located in the Bakery Square complex include Philips Sleep and Respiratory Care Group, which moved its headquarters to the East End from Murrysville.

Others in Bakery Square include UPMC Enterprises and the University of Pittsburgh School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

Mr Kronman thinks the military and companies like Philips are heading to what he calls the university sector – Oakland and the East End – from the suburbs or other parts of the city to get closer to the talent pool. students.

“The Strip is great for robotics, but when you want software and that kind of firepower, you want to be near universities,” he said.

The military isn’t the only one looking to expand into the East End.

Apple is believed to be planning about 60,000 to 70,000 square feet of space in Assembly, the former Ford Model T plant in Bloomfield that has been converted into a biotechnology center.

The iPhone maker is currently headquartered in Pittsburgh on the Strip. It’s unclear whether Apple’s interest in the Assembly is tied to expansion, relocation, or both.

Language-learning startup Duolingo, meanwhile, is nearly doubling its local footprint by taking up to 38,000 square feet at Liberty East, LG Realty Advisors’ East Liberty development that will also be the new East End location for Whole. Food Market.

The demand for space in the Oakland-East End corridor is confirmed by the asking rent. At $37.50 per square foot in the first quarter, the rate was the highest in the region, according to real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle. Space in Bakery Square itself is rented for up to $45 per square foot.

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