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Tower of Fantasy: how to get to and from the artificial island

new to Tower of Fantasy is the artificial island area, a smaller but still vast area filled with cores, activities, a new boss, and many secrets. Knowing all this, you may be wondering how to get there.

The man-made island isn’t available to everyone immediately, and you’ll need to spend some time in the base game before you can access the new area. These limitations are for the best, however; the man-made island hosts some of the toughest challenges available in the game. Here’s what you need to know.

How to access the artificial island

You must meet two basic requirements to access the man-made island.

  • Progress to Chapter 2 in the story campaign.
  • Reach vagrant level 50. As leveling is time limited, it will take you some time. See our upgrade quick guide for further help there.

Once these two steps have been completed, go to Quay of Banges you traveled at the start of Chapter 2. When you get there:

  • Head to your Rewards tab.
  • Select Artificial Island from the left sidebar.

This will bring up the “Invitation from Kalador“filter. Click Go to get directions talk to Kalador, president of Banges and creator of the artificial island, near his airship.

Head to the airship and to the island, where Kalador will guide you through a short chain of quests. He will introduce you to the various construction sites that will make up your base and then send you to a nearby Hyena camp. Oddly, you don’t have to fight Hyena enemies there, it is enough to reach their camp.

Return to Kalador at this point for some more tutorial, then you’ll be free to explore with impunity.

Note that you do not need to complete the Kalador side quest to participate in the artificial island activities. Still, the markers won’t disappear from your HUD until you complete the quest chain. If you can bear having an extra blue dot on your screen all the time, don’t worry about these final steps, but they’re a great introduction to the new systems.

How to leave the artificial island

When you want to leave the artificial island, you will need to return to your base and interact with the airship there. There’s no way to fast travel between it and Asperia, so be sure to grab the Spacerift near the ship.

You now have access to the latest content in the global client of Tower of Fantasy. There are dozens of additional hours of farming, raiding, and progression on the man-made island, so take your time to explore and continue your progress. For a fun new way to get around the game, check out our guides on the Maglev Tracker and Unicorn Monocross Frame. Our Tower of Fantasy guide center see you.