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TODOC to Showcase High Performance, Low Cost Artificial Cochlear Implant “SULLIVAN” at CES 2022

Seoul, South Korea, December 31, 2021 / PRNewswire / – TODOC (CEO Min Gyu-sik) will present its artificial cochlear implant ‘SULLIVAN’ at the “CES 2022” to be held in Las Vegas to January 5, 2022 (local time), after being selected in the “Top 10 Korean products at CES 2022”.

Organized by ETNews (Electronic Times Internet), “Top 10 Korean Products of CES 2022” is a project that selects Korean products and services worthy of attention at this year’s CES. The project takes into account originality, market value, possibility of mass production and investment value among small and medium enterprises and venture capital companies in Korea.

Based on the vision to connect human nerves and the world, TODOC has provided solutions to cure various neuropathic disorders and conditions. Based on high density electrode technology, they developed SULLIVAN, the world’s first 32-channel artificial cochlear implant system that provides more sound information over frequency bands than ever before (existing artificial cochlear implants cannot only support up to 22 channels). The introduction of SULLIVAN will be their main focus at this exhibition.

TODOC’s Artificial Cochlear Implant features increased ease of use by supporting personalized neuromodulation and audio streaming services through an easy-to-wear portable vagus nerve regulator in the outer ear.