Artificial city

They create an artificial tree capable of processing up to a thousand times more carbon dioxide than a natural tree

crean arbol artificial capaz de procesar hasta mil veces mas dioxido de carbono que un arbol natural 1.jpg

The behavior of nature in the face of global warming is worrying. In some countries, there has been a noticeable increase in temperatures, as well as more intense rains that have devastated large areas of land in their path.

Similarly, the excess carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere is even more difficult to treat due to the increase in tree felling, both in cities and in large forest areas.

However, in recent years, the environmental scientific community has developed technology that may be able to replicate the function of trees, by capturing carbon dioxide to convert it to oxygen, but at a much faster and faster level. in greater quantity.

It seems that this goal seems to have been achieved by the company Carbon Collect Ltdestablished in Ireland, with the creation of a structure which they called Mechanical tree.

It should be mentioned that the technology embedded in this invention was in charge of a Arizona State University teamin the United States, led by Klaus Lacknertaking two years to complete.

The university campus was the location chosen to establish production operations for the first unit of the MechanicalTree release. Regarding the capabilities of this device, its creators say that it can absorb carbon dioxide (COof them) air in the same way as a natural tree, but with a thousand times greater efficiency.

Once the carbon dioxide is collected by MechanicalTree, it can then be landfilled as waste or used in food-related applications, among others.

Also, MechanicalTree is able to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere no fan required or other accessories as occurs with other similar technologies focused on the direct capture of this harmful element, the natural wind being sufficient to drive air through the system of this device.

For all the above reasons, there is no doubt that MechanicalTree is a viable, economical and simple option to produce on a large scale.