Artificial active

The JHS Artificial Blonde vibrato is “Madison Cunningham in a box”

JHS teamed up with Madison Cunningham to release the Artificial Blonde vibrato, a pedal based on the musician’s signature sound, particularly on the album who you are now.

The basis of Artificial Blonde is a simple but musical version of Cunningham’s sound: it’s a vibrato pedal with a “slightly 3D” sound, real pitch and two easily accessible modes so you don’t have to bend over and to make adjustments.

The sound is adjusted using six knobs: volume sets the overall volume of the effect; EQ is an active tilt in which noon is flat; Speed ​​and Depth adjust the speed and prominence of the vibrato effect – there’s a set for each preset.

On top of that, Artificial Blonde has an optional stereo output that lets you get an idea of ​​the dimension of the effect.

The pedal is based on the JHS Emperor that Cunningham used to create his second album’s signature guitar tone – albeit with a few changes that make it much more stage-friendly.

“During a sound check in Lawrence, Kansas, Josh noticed that even though his Emperor was still on and in vibrato mode, Madison kept lowering her hand to change the settings to create another vibrato tone. faster and deeper for a particular song,” reads a blurb. on the product page.

“Sensing an opportunity to make it easier to use at live shows, Josh developed the idea for a brand new stompbox that suited Madison’s needs, and soon she was touring with this first prototype. “

“Simply put, it’s Madison Cunningham in a box: just add a clean Fender-style amp and tune your guitar strings!”

The artificial blonde is available for $249. Find out more on the JHS website.

Cunningham is currently on the road promoting her latest album, Revealer, across the United States. She will be at Webster Hall in New York tonight (October 21) and at the Howard Theater in Washington DC tomorrow.