Artificial selection

The ideal store for artificial and imitation jewelry Jewelry is one of Pakistan’s leading artificial and imitation jewelry retailers. It houses all kinds of beautiful and elegant jewelry. Designs that were traditionally created in gold and silver are now reproduced in semi-precious metals. has made it possible to achieve the look of gold at a very affordable price. This style revolution has recreated the timeless beauty of our traditional jewelry. Fashion and artificial jewelry are popular choices for all women who like to adorn themselves in multiple ways. All varieties of items are made at, providing ladies with a huge range of items to choose from. Women trust this store for the best artificial and imitation jewelry. It is truly a “dream store” for the female clan in our company.

As wonderful as it sounds, the icing on the cake is that is extremely user-friendly. Quality, however, is never compromised. CEO Zeeshan Sattar Yaseen aims to make his products affordable to the masses with the belief that every woman deserves to be beautiful. At Zeesy, there is a work of art for every queen. It is within everyone’s reach. All items start at a very reasonable price, with gorgeous style and value. And the good news is that if you buy online you have this great easy installment payment facility. Dress now and pay later!

The superiority of their items is established by the fact that they are also widespread among nobility and celebrities. Many famous media faces have been seen in Dr. Shaista Lodhi, Aimen, Minal and many others are fans of this artistic gem. Their jhumkas have been worn by our favorite stars like Maya Ali, Ayeza Khan, Sumbul Iqbal and Hania Amir. Yumna Zaidi also likes to choose her earring from Zeesy for her shoots. Just like Amar Khan and Kinza Hashmi. Nida Yasir, who inaugurated the Hyderi outlet, praised the elegant and refined jewelry offered in the store. These dazzling pieces of sophistication and style are also often featured on your favorite morning shows. Most of the brides present at these shows are dressed with this bridal jewelry. It is also very popular among fashion bloggers, whose dressing is incomplete without one of the Zeesy items.

From a family business to a multi-franchise industry, Zeesy has come a long way in this business with its futuristic approach. entered e-commerce in 2014 with the launch of its online store and has been thriving ever since. With free shipping to Pakistan and easy delivery worldwide, is a popular site for its customers. All items are available at the same prices as in store. Currently located in Hyderi, Karachi, is growing by leaps and bounds. Their next boutique is ready to be inaugurated at LuckyOne and will soon be visible at Dolmen Mall. Expansion projects at Packages Mall, Lahore and Centaurus Towers, Islamabad are also in the pipeline. wants to be more accessible to its customers for the convenient experience they can have in stores. Ladies can visit and try for themselves which suits them best, as the choices are endless.

Jewelry and women are two inseparable entities. Every woman beautifies herself by wearing some sort of ornament. They are seen wearing casual and practical jewelry in everyday life while enjoying choosing specially designed, formal and weighty pieces for different festivities and occasions. In the modern world, the concept of jewelry is revolutionized and imitation jewelry has become the norm of the times. jewelry is the best option for high-end, luxurious, elegant, affordable and accessible jewelry. Without a doubt, it is the first choice of women!