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The future of Indian police with artificial intelligence in 2022 and beyond

Artificial intelligence and drones are useful to transform Indian police in 2022

AI can be a powerful tool for law enforcement and help fight many types of crime. This can help law enforcement to optimize their resources in specific areas and at specific times, to cover as much ground as possible with the same or even less resources. Drones equipped with sensors, for example, can also be used to detect illegal movements such as illegal border crossings, human traffickers and illegal fishing vessels. Location is powerful information for AI systems. In India too, artificial intelligence tools are increasingly being used. The use of technology by police departments is not limited to facial recognition. It also uses predictive policing tools such as crime mapping, analytics and the predictive system, a predictive system that analyzes data from past and current phone calls to police hotlines to predict the time and nature of criminal activity in city hotspots.

When respondents were asked about the absence of an Indian police force, the majority of them, 45.8% of the 251 respondents, voted for “police-public relations” as the main missing factor in the Indian police force. Of the total, 27.1% of respondents chose “police responsibility”. 13.5% of total respondents selected ‘overloaded force and vacancies’, while 11.5% think the process involved in ‘crime investigation’ is a missing factor for Indian police. The remaining 2.1% think that it is “the infrastructure” that the Indian police are lacking.

Artificial intelligence

Relationship between the police and the


Police responsibility 27.1%
Force overloaded and vacancies 13.5%
Crime investigation 11.5%
Infrastructure 2.1%

There are many solutions for Indian font that can improve it. From the survey, it is observed that 63% of the 251 respondents think that “limiting the power of oversight of the political executive over the police force” will be the best solution for the Indian police. 15.2% responded to “specialized investigation units” as the key solution to Indian police. 11.6% of the respondents chose the “community policing model” while the remaining 10.2% chose “outsourcing and redistribution of functions” as the best solution for Indian police.

Artificial intelligence

Limit the power of oversight of the political executive over the police force 63%
Specialized investigation units 15.2%
Community policing model 11.6%
Outsourcing and redistribution of functions 10.2%

From the survey, it comes out that 56% of the total respondents think that AI cops should have a chance compared to regular police forces, 29.2% think that AI cops can have a chance, while the remaining 14.6% think AI cops shouldn’t stand a chance over the regular police force.

Artificial intelligence

Yes 56.3%
May be 29.2%
No 14.6%

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