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Artificial Plant Buying Guide

A cylindrical metal hanging planter hanging outside a house with white siding and containing a faux boxwood plant.
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Why buy artificial plants?

If you don’t have time to take care of indoor plants or live in an unforgiving climate, you might want to consider sprucing up your indoor or outdoor space with some lovely artificial plants. Plus, if you have allergies or pets, artificial plants are a great alternative so you don’t get bloated and your pets don’t have the potential to poison themselves. They look just like the real thing but require little to no care. The best part is that they stay green and fully bloomed without fear of weather resistance.

What should you consider in artificial plants?

  • Cut: What space in your home are you trying to dress? If you are decorating your porch, you can take advantage of a taller artificial plant, such as a tree. If you are arranging a smaller space, you can consider a nice potted plant in a smaller size.
  • Resemblance: If you have a particular favorite plant but can’t take care of it, you might want to consider finding a fake version of that same plant. From ficuses to succulents and even flowering bushes for the yard, you can find just about any kind of plant in an artificial form to beautify your home or yard.
  • Indoor or outdoor use: While most artificial plants work well in indoor and outdoor spaces, some are not designed to withstand the elements. Read product descriptions carefully, especially if you want your artificial plants to live outdoors.

What are some tips to make your artificial plant look real?

When choosing your artificial plant, your goal should be to buy one that looks like the real plant you want, without the upkeep of it. However, you will come across some that are easy to tell, fake, and made of plastic. So one tip is to look at the shape and shade of the plant. Look at the leaves and stem and make sure they have a natural shape and color. You generally want to steer clear of those that have straight stems without any wires, as you won’t have a way to bend it into a more natural shape – no real plant has a perfectly straight stem. Also look for plants that have different colored leaves, as this is another sign of a normal looking plant. Once you’ve made up your mind, you can put them in fake soil or moss and even combine them with real plants if you want to get more involved.

Our picks for the best artificial plants

Ideal for exterior decoration

Advantages: Ideal for a DIY project or a simple planter, these mini bushes look just like the real thing. The rods are flexible, so they are also ideal for crowns. They are available with several different colored blooms or solid green foliage, so you can decorate however you like. You get eight complete packets in this pack that can fill one large pot or several smaller pots. They are water resistant as they are made mostly of plastic.

The inconvenients: Artificial flowers can wilt if exposed to too much sun.

Conclusion : Perfect for planters and decorative projects, these faux boxwood plants are realistic and weather resistant. They are available in multiple colors, making them versatile for your outdoor garden.

Ideal for counters

Advantages: For a realistic look, there is a bit of white flocking on these plants. It also gives them a nice texture. The pots are a lovely soft gray color and have a rustic look, so they will match most decors. The plants are water resistant, so they can also work well in a bathroom, as long as the pots don’t get splashed or submerged. With just a few wipes of a damp cloth, the sheets are easy to clean if they get dirty or dusty.

The inconvenients: It can be difficult to fluff up the sheets when you first take them out of the package.

Conclusion : If you’re looking to decorate a table, window, or any other surface with pretty potted plants, these faux eucalyptus trees are a great choice. The color is soft and inviting, with little to no maintenance.

best tree

Almost natural artificial ficus tree

If you love a ficus and hate hassle, this lifelike, full-size faux ficus can fill your indoor or outdoor space with its carefree beauty.

Advantages: To give it a completely realistic look, this artificial tree is made with a real bovine wood trunk and over 700 silky soft leaves. The tallest tree stands five feet tall, making it a perfect addition to any porch, office nook, or foyer. When it arrives, you’ll notice it’s packaged with care. It is also easy to assemble and inflate, giving it a natural look.

The inconvenients: The included pot is unrealistically large for a tree and is not weighted to support it properly. You will probably need to repot it in a larger pot.

Conclusion : Tree lovers, this is an excellent selection for you. It stays green all year round without any issues and looks just like the real thing.

Best suspension option

Advantages: These bright green hanging plants come in an economical three-pack. They are made with high quality fabric sheets that hang beautifully from each plant. The leaves are full and thick, so you don’t have to worry about your plants looking sparse. They look even more real from afar, and they’re also perfect for an outdoor planter. Because they can be separated into single vines, they are great for DIY projects such as wreaths.

The inconvenients: These do not come with baskets or pots.

Conclusion : Bring your outdoor fence or indoor mantel to life with these lovely hanging plants. With a basket or pot, these long, vine-like plants will bloom.

Best Succulents

Advantages: Each plant in this pack is 2-7 inches tall, giving your decor some range. They’re incredibly realistic, so people won’t be able to guess they’re artificial even up close. The stems are bendable, so you can decorate household projects, including wreaths and terrariums, however you like. Overall, they work well in places where real plants probably wouldn’t survive, including outdoors in bright sun, wind, and rain. The range of colors and variety make this set visually stunning.

The inconvenients: These succulents are quite small.

Conclusion : Succulent lovers without a green thumb will love this real-looking succulent multipack. They are perfect for multiple craft and home decor projects, whether outdoors or indoors.

Final Thoughts

Buying an artificial plant is a no-brainer with convenience, little thought, and no worry of harming a real one. Brighten up your garden or home interior with your choice of any plant without the ongoing costs and upkeep. It will be a great investment that will effortlessly make your space beautiful.