The 108 agricultural estates of Buhari, colonies of disguised breeders – Afenifere

Pan-Yoruba socio-political organization Afenifere has condemned the president, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retired), for his plans to establish integrated agricultural estates in the country’s 108 senatorial districts.

The group was responding to the president’s directive to the National Agricultural Land Development Authority to establish nationally integrated agricultural estates.

In a statement by the group’s secretary general, Sola Ebiseni, on Wednesday Afenifere described the federal government’s planned program as yet another “veiled land acquisition strategy for the installation of pastoralists across Nigeria.” .

According to him, the integrated agricultural estates are designed to accommodate all forms of agricultural practices, including animal husbandry, which will effectively affect part of the vast land acquired “as effective pasture reserves without saying so”.

He said: “Nigerians are not mistaken that the urgency allegedly attached to President Buhari’s program is equally commensurate with the creation of sedentary villages for Fulani herders everywhere and from all over the world. nowhere, on the ancestral lands of other nationalities, which over time will become colonies of tyranny as they are in southern Kaduna, on the plateau and in many other parts of the Middle Belt.

“The cry across the country is that our president should take his primary responsibility for ensuring the safety of life and property, especially for farmers, so that they can feed the nation. If we can ask, will the federal government also build military barracks stronger than the Nigerian Defense Academy in these agricultural areas?

“President Buhari must also be reminded that none of his predecessors, who were more interested in agriculture, were so greedy for land and did not seek to work beyond the federated states; not even Obasanjo’s military government in its Operation Feed the Nation, nor Shehu Shagari’s Green Revolution.

“Rather than seeking land by force, over which it has no power under the constitution and land use law, and forcing the kind of farming practices on states, the government federal government provides resources and incentives to states in their areas of comparison. advantage. Thus, in their choice of agricultural activities, the states of the Niger Delta can choose aquaculture, while the North-West sticks to breeding. The president did not deny that his government paid more than 6 billion naira to his home state of Katsina for ranching without blowing it on them for specific lands.

“Apart from the fact that the federal government has no power over land, it also cannot compel states to acquire ancestral lands from others for the personal use of others. Constitutionally however, agriculture is under the concurrent legislative list; the powers of the federal government in this regard under point “H” of the Constitution, paragraphs 17-20 are limited and do not extend to any activity which gives it powers over land under the Land Use Act. land, which has the same constitutional status. ”

The group called on the population to reject the planned federal government program, which it called a Greek giveaway.

“For the southwestern states, including Edo and Delta, this government has nothing to teach us in agriculture. Let Buhari drive the killer terrorists from our land so the people can prosper. We are skeptical of these Greek gifts.

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