Sunday Sharing Tips: Crossword Cybersecurity, InterContinental Hotels Group

the Financial Mail on SundayThe Midas column of Midas told readers to “buy” shares of Crossword cybersecurity, highlighting its role in the development of Covid-19 certificates.

While the firm is still a “minnow,” it was working with one of the World Wide Web’s key creators, David Chadwick, on how to secure its certificates against fraud while protecting user privacy.

“The project could prove to be a major source of business for Crossword at home and abroad, but the company has several other strings to its bow,” said Midas.

In addition to advising governments and businesses on how to guard against cyber attacks, Crossword has also actively sought promising research in universities in order to commercialize it.

One such piece of equipment is Rizikon, which helps companies protect their supply chains from malware that then gets installed on corporate customers.

Leaving the University of the city, the use of his services had been “enthusiastic”.

Crossword’s board of directors also reassured, its chairman, Sir Richard Dearlove, having spent more than 30 years at MI6, including five at its head, added the tipster.

The long-term potential of the company was underscored by the successful IPO of its much larger competitor Darktrace at a valuation of £ 1.7 billion.

“In last week’s results, Crossword announced a ten-fold division of the shares so that investors were offered ten shares worth about 34 pence each for each share held.

“This move should give Crossword a short-term boost in the stock market and the long-term outlook is also bright. Crossword is a well-run company operating in several fast-growing areas of the cyber market. Buy.”

The Sunday Times‘s Sabah Meddings said InterContinental Hotels Group the shares were “locked in” given the short-term risks to its franchisees and the resumption of the share price to pre-pandemic levels.

Its franchisees were in many cases small businesses and some of them were likely to run into problems once government support wore off.

In addition, some measures, such as keeping hotels open to accommodate frontline workers or introducing a flexible cancellation policy, were not good for franchisees.

InterContinental shares were trading above their February 2020 level, proof that investors had anticipated a strong rally, Meddings said.

Yet the group’s sales had more than halved in 2020 and Barclay analysts did not expect its revenue per available room to pick up to pre-Covid levels until 2023.

“IHG must now justify its valuation of 9.4 billion pounds when it releases its results for the first three months of the year on Friday.

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