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ŠKODA AUTO, Artificial Solutions and Cognizant announce European expansion of conversational AI solution

Artificial Solutions® announces that ŠKODA AUTO is expanding its conversational AI solution to cover new European regions, bringing the total number of countries covered by its “Laura” chatbot to 13.

“Laura” is an intelligent chatbot that provides customers with valuable information, helping them in the process of selecting a new ŠKODA vehicle by advising them on the vehicle that best meets their expectations and requirements and guiding them to through the following steps, such as booking a test drive or requesting a bespoke quote from a dealership.

With the support of Artificial Solutions partner Cognizant, ŠKODA AUTO will be able to increase the reach and capabilities of “Laura”, which has already resulted in a significant increase in test drive bookings for the automaker.

Each new region will see the deployment of solutions in their respective native language, enabling deeper levels of engagement and communication with customers across Europe.

Regions in Europe include France, Spain, UK, Poland, Serbia, Sweden, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, Finland and Italy. The project has also been extended to New Zealand

The solution, designed and launched in 2020 by Artificial Solutions’ award-winning SaaS platform Teneo, has gradually expanded across the European continent over a two-year period, providing car buyers with highly personalized conversational customer experiences.

Veronika Marečková, Business Lead of ŠKODA AUTO, said: “The expansion of our conversational AI solution in these key regions once again demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible service and experience. The dedicated team has worked hard to expand the market coverage and capabilities of ‘Laura’ and we are extremely excited about the next phase of our project and look forward to sharing ‘Laura’ with millions more people. »

Harshit Mistry, Head of Automotive Consulting Engagement at Cognizant, added: “ŠKODA AUTO has demonstrated a strong commitment to creating best-in-class conversational customer experiences by investing in technology and teams skills that focus on getting results. The success of their virtual assistant “Laura” has demonstrated that consumers want a personal and tailored experience when interacting with a brand online. We are therefore delighted to announce this expansion and further strengthen the position of ŠKODA AUTO and Cognizant as industry leaders. in this field.”

Joel Plazzotta, Automotive Account Manager at Artificial Solutions, said: “Once again, Teneo has demonstrated its ability to scale solutions effortlessly and adapt to highly complex requirements and customer needs. ŠKODA AUTO has achieved significant success and gained a competitive edge over its competitors over the past two years by investing in conversational AI and showing a commitment to developing its dedicated team. I am delighted with the results we have achieved so far and look forward to many years of expansion and success.

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