Seeking pleasure in times of Covid

The Corona virus has affected almost everything and has changed and completely changed. It transcended all geographic, political and racial borders and limitations and caused enormous loss of life, money and time.

The deadly pandemic has not spared developed and developing countries, rich and poor, young and old, men, women and children. Show me a person, a sphere of our activity, a city and a country which are not spared and affected by the pandemic.

People have lost their businesses, their jobs and their livelihoods. According to a report published in India Today, around 12.2 crore people lost their jobs. Beggars, orphans and street urchins are hit hard, abandoned and ignored by most governments! And “street women” are the worst victims of these Covid times. But, alas, who cares?

It is true that our Sonagachi is the biggest red light area in Asia and prostitution is known to be called the oldest profession in the world! Yet “street women” are despised, humiliated, exploited and their profession is not officially recognized as a profession here. Interestingly, when the virus hit their “market”, when help came out of nowhere, these women helped themselves by starting to “sell themselves” online.

You can call it “Virtual Prostitution” or “Virtual Pleasure,” or have the courage to invent a new term like “Virtutuion”, but it is a reality. Most adult cam sites have “virtually” opened up a global market for these online “working girls”. But again, these women faced fierce competition from a different kind of player.

To glean facts for this article, I have voluntarily and unintentionally subscribed to a few dating apps, using my real name, facts and “numbers”. On a dating app, much to my surprise, I was inundated from day one with juicy messages and pings from alluring young girls, women and mermaids. At first, it all gave me a bit of euphoria and filled me with narcissism! Soon the truth appeared. While chatting, many girls used preferred terms to lure me into their “trap” to get me money.

I found out that most of the “invitations” that flattered and fattened this over 65-year-old man were from boys and men who make a lot of money daily on these dating apps, using fake profiles and broadcasting porn videos to gullible people. some girls turned off their phones after taking “little gifts” from me! One thing is clear that in these times of Covid, many educated young boys and girls have turned to these dating apps to make money easily and quickly. Young housewives were also found there “helping themselves” to make quick money using social media platforms.

Again, I have noticed that many Indian girls and women are “helping each other” on websites like Superchat and Stripchat. At the very beginning, I have to say that these sites are porn sites where one can watch live striptease shows with voyeuristic pleasure.

The point is, there are a lot of Indian strippers in high demand on these sites. I don’t know if I should say this with pride or pain. At any time, we can see hundreds of observers in the rooms where our girls and women behave like sportswomen and earn thousands of rupees in the form of “tokens” from the observers!

It is a known fact that in these times of Covid most Indians started watching porn. For many, it has also become a great source of income. Do not think about the detrimental effects of these apps and sites on individuals, families and our society as long as our governments look away. But what our girls and boys need to know is that whatever they show and share as ‘private’ photos and videos to their partners and lovers on social media platforms is actually on the market at the sale.

The bottom line here is that when no one is helping you, help yourself. Do not choose the wrong ways and means to help you. And it is time for our governments to help these unfortunate people and take action against those apps and sites that turn our young people into voyeurs and philanderers.

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