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School district and city are working together on an artificial turf pitch and stormwater project in Elmhurst

Elmhurst District Unit 205 and Elmhurst Town officials cut the ribbon on Thursday, December 16, celebrating the installation of a storm water retention pond and artificial turf pitch at the school York high school.

The project is the culmination of an intergovernmental agreement between District 205 and the city.

“Almost three years ago, we made it a priority to work together to make this a reality,” said Kara Caforio, president of the District 205 Education Council. “The signing of the intergovernmental agreement in 2019 has been the best of what Elmhurst is: working together to manage our resources wisely to solve problems for our entire community. “

City-built underground storm water vaults solve long-standing flooding issues in the community, and the full-size football / lacrosse field provides additional usable space for students and community members.

York students and athletes Quinn Olson and Jose Herrea spoke about the benefits of the new field, including less potential injuries, more training time and a level surface.

The synthetic turf pitch can be used throughout the day for physical education and after school for sports and competitions.

It will also provide another sporting space for community members to play and / or compete on weekends.

“I am so grateful to everyone who helped make this a reality and I am delighted that our students and our community have completed this incredible space,” said Caforio.