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School district adds artificial intelligence to increase safety

PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK/Gray News) — An Illinois school district has approved a new security system that officials say should better protect students.

WEEK reports that Peoria Public Schools will be getting a new security system that will work unnoticed. The security system is known as Intellisee, and the company claims it is a real-time artificial intelligence security platform.

The system consists of 64 cameras that would have learned over time to protect children throughout their day at school.

According to an Intellisee representative, the data will be analyzed in real time to identify objects and people while recording footage for future playback. It will also alert staff to deal with any issues detected if they pose any kind of hazard.

The security system should notify a guard if it detects a puddle or the police if a shooting incident is monitored.

“It’s just about adapting to the current climate of what a school day might look like in 2022,” said Mike Murphy of the Peoria Public Schools Board.

Members of the school district shared that none of the collected data or videos would leave the servers, meaning no third parties would have access to it.

At Tuesday’s meeting on the new security system, school board members discussed the fatal shooting in Uvalde, Texas. An incident that district leaders have said they want to do everything to prevent it from happening locally.

“As a district, we need to learn from this situation, and learning from this means putting in place different things that could potentially stop the threat of violence inside our schools,” said council’s Gregory Wilson. public schools in Peoria.

Officials said the system is expected to be active at the start of the next school year, with payment coming from public funds and grants focused on supporting students.

Members of the Peoria Public Schools Board said the district agreed to a one-year contract with Intellisee.

“We want to make sure it’s safe, and we’re going to do our job as a district to keep the school safe,” Wilson said. “A top priority is the safety of our students, staff, teachers and administrators.”

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