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Robots.Jobs 2022 Trends Show Dramatic Growth in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Career Opportunities

Robots.Jobs 2022 Trends Show Dramatic Growth in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Career Opportunities

February 2, 2022 – The U.S. robotics and artificial intelligence career opportunity market is exploding based on early 2022 trends of job postings on Robots.Jobs, the marketplace specifically for robotics and AI companies. IA looking for talent and for job seekers looking for the latest industry opportunities. Over the past 90 days, open positions on Robots.Jobs have increased by more than 500%. Newly featured jobs include autonomous drone hardware and sensor company GreenSight and Intrinsic AI, making industrial robotics accessible and usable for businesses.

“Careers in robotics, IoT, and AI are in high demand across nearly every industry, including manufacturing, healthcare, biotech, logistics, consumer, and more,” said Ann P. Walsh, CEO and Co-Founder by Robots.Jobs. “In this competitive job market, recruiting talent requires skill, focus and focus to attract the most qualified employees. For robotics and artificial intelligence, we are only at the beginning of the demand for talent. ”

Geographies for Job Growth

Boston, Massachusetts retains its grip on the highest volume of robotics and artificial intelligence job searches with 25% of vacancies posted on the Robots.Jobs job site. This growth is partly due to the number of biotech companies actively using robotics and artificial intelligence technologies within their organizations. Austin, Texas and Denver, Colorado are also experiencing rapid growth, with many new innovation centers increasing efforts to recruit engineering talent. The industry is growing in these states due to lifestyle advantages, lower cost of doing business, and tax incentives to build a younger and more diverse workforce.

Jobs, businesses in demand

Jobs for software engineers and developers are growing as many companies focus on hiring senior robotics engineers, full-stack engineers, and AI developers. Of the nearly 600 jobs currently posted on Robots.Jobs, 50% are software engineering roles, while mechanical engineering jobs continue to grow. Big companies like Amazon Robotics that is empowering customer delivery with robotic automation, consumer robot designer and builder iRobot, and autonomous mobile robot company Vecna ​​Robotics continue their recruiting efforts, along with startups in fast-growing automation company Flexxbotics, retail automation company HyperVend, Autonodyne which provides software solutions that make vehicles more autonomous, and Tutor Intelligence which focuses on the application of robotics to points to business challenges.

About Robots.Jobs

Robots.Jobs is a resource and talent marketplace specifically for robotics and AI companies looking for talent – ​​and job seekers looking for the latest opportunities in robotics and AI. Visit Robots.Jobs for career opportunities and resources for job seekers and job seekers.

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