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Rising prices of cement and steel, companies continue to loot creating an artificial shortage – KERALA – GENERAL

KANNUR: The big companies that raise the prices of cement and steel to create an artificial shortage are turning against the construction industry. Citing unavailability of raw materials and rising fuel prices, the Cement Manufacturers Association only raised prices in Kerala. Distributors accused the association of raising cement prices every three months. The price of steel has increased from Rs 30 to Rs 80 in one month.

Even premium cement brands no longer have a fixed price. Class A companies such as ACC, Ultratech, Sankar, Ramco, etc. charge the prices according to their choice. The price of cement was increased by Rs 90 in one week. A bag of cement cost Rs 380 earlier this year. An increase of Rs 145 was recorded gradually from February. The price of sand and metal is also increasing.

Only B grade cement like Chettinad and Malabar offers relief. Yesterday’s price of Malabar Cement was Rs 420. When private companies raise their prices, soon Malabar Cements will raise their price as well.

Grade A and B cement from Tamil Nadu accounts for 90% of sales in Kerala and the rest comes from Andhra Pradesh.

With the easing of Covid restrictions, the construction sector has become active but is now being hit by price increases. The budget was canceled due to an unexpected price increase during construction. The companies’ position offers no relief.