President Biden’s program: authoritarianism first at the expense of freedom

The Biden administration continues to show no response when it comes to showing support for our neighbors who are fighting for freedom.

In 2009, during Iran’s Green Revolution, Iranians took to the streets to protest against Tehran’s murderous regime. The Obama-Biden administration did nothing at the time to show support for the Iranian people who were crying for freedom and liberty. Fast forward to 2021, Cubans take to the streets to protest against Havana’s oppressive communist regime.

What does the Biden administration do? Again, nothing. We should stand in solidarity with the courageous Cuban protesters, offering our support as they fight for freedom and liberty – our God-given rights.

ACLJ Senior Advisor on Global Affairs Mike Pompeo has looked at this issue in his new article and discusses what the US response to the Cuban protests should be, while so far we have at best seen a lukewarm response:

I think lukewarm is actually quite generous. He didn’t really reach a significant level of attention. The uprising of the Cuban people demanding freedom must come up against real American action. There are half a dozen things we could do. . . . We could start to develop a set of diplomatic strategies that would encourage the Cuban leadership to say that your time has come and it is time to go. We’ll make sure you get a safe exit, but we’ll get you to a place where the Cuban people can have the freedom they so deserve. We should speak tirelessly about Communism and its evils and all the horrors it has inflicted on the Cuban people. We should be doing this not only to the American public, but to the public around the world and build a coalition to support the freedom of those people who want nothing more than to live their lives and practice their faith. . . .

The Obama-Biden administration abandoned the Iranians during the Green Revolution. Now we have the same situation because they are not responding to the Cuban protesters. When asked former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo what is the message we send globally to our allies or places that seek freedom and liberty within tyrannical regimes when we do nothing, he replied :

I wish so much that this happened in Cuba a year ago, when President Trump and I were leading American foreign policy. We understood that the world was watching how America reacted when freedom-loving people simply asked to take back their lives. . . . I promise you that the freedom fighters and parts of the world can see it, and they are discouraged from doing precisely what the Cuban people have done because the American leadership would not rally with them.

ACLJ Senior Military Analyst Wes Smith commented on the failure of the Biden administration’s response:

One of the things I find alarming about the response of the Biden administrations in a number of areas is that they seem very soft and naïve on the whole question of terrorism. . . . Our southern border is porous. . . we’ve seen people crossing the border that we’ve caught – we don’t know how many we haven’t caught – who are on the terrorist watch list. Still, the Biden administration seems utterly baffled by this. . . . In March, he took. . . the Houthi rebels off the terrorism list. They have been there for a long time. They were on the terrorism list under President Obama as well as President Trump. But he took them out of that. Then you get to Iran, there’s this delusional idea I think from President Biden and his team that somehow, if we lift the sanctions and ‘help’ Iran, they will become more like us and they will be good partners. It’s not just naive – it’s dangerously naive.

America must stand up with all its might and show its support for these protesters. The world is watching and we must send a clear message to the Cuban Communist regime. We hope that President Biden will stand alongside the Cuban people in their desire for freedom and liberty.

Full of today Sekulow The show is complete with a more in-depth analysis of President Biden’s unsuccessful response to Cuban protests.

Watch the full show below.

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