Pan-American AI competition showed its brilliance, MCbot

New York, NY, June 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – With the deep integration of artificial intelligence in various fields of the global economy and society, artificial intelligence technology will become an important driver of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the world will enter the era of smart economy.

The global development of artificial intelligence has entered the third wave. In the iron triangle of artificial intelligence made up of computing volume (data), computing power and algorithm, the industrialization of computing volume and computing power has borne fruit. The enormous energy of algorithms is about to show its strength and promote the industrialization of algorithms is one of the central minds of this Pan-American conference on artificial intelligence.

The Pan American Algorithm Model Competition is the world’s leading algorithm application-focused competition, which aims to collect benchmark algorithm practice projects and cutting-edge algorithm applications from all participating teams in the United States.

After repeated research by experts from US science laboratories, seven out of ten thousand entries were nominated for the award. Of the seven applications, the top three were selected in the fields of education, scientific exploration and finance.

The Mintmark R&D center is located in Silicon Valley, where many outstanding engineers are dedicated to the research of AI technology. They hope that with the development of AI technology, it can better help those who do not understand financial literacy to benefit from financial services, so that finance is no longer a wall, but a tool that can bring success. wealth to everyone, that’s what Mintmark pursued.

The MCbot system is Mintmark’s first step towards commercialization. Aiming at trading crypto digital currency contracts, it achieves the combination of an AI robot + trader strategy.

Realize the combination of AI robot + trader strategy, so that users who don’t understand finance can achieve fully intelligent wealth accumulation through MCbot system.

The Mintmark quantitative contract trading system jointly developed by Mintmark and Google technical teams. This system launched for bitcoin contract transactions is expected to dramatically increase profitability through big data, continuous monitoring strategies, entry schedule, position management, risk control, inspection strategies and algorithm models.

Increase multiple guarantees of transaction security by protecting the security of user assets, automatic tracking system and automatic position opening and closing system.

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