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OPPO Creates Innovative Artificial Intelligence Experiences By Unveiling Its Smart Glass Technologies

Focus on innovative mobile technology experience brings Neural Processing Unit (NPU), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies to the fore in Nigeria and the big giants Global technology is leaving no stone unturned towards creating smarter cities in the world.

It is widely believed that the Nigerian people have adopted the use of mobile technologies overwhelmingly as an integral part of their daily life. According to Wikipedia’s global list of countries by number of mobile phones used, based on data from the Nigerian Telecommunications Commission, in 2020 Nigeria is ranked 7th.e and 1st in Africa. This is also accompanied by an adaptation to sophisticated mobile technologies.

It should be noted that the technology company, Oppo, is playing big in this area as it recently unveiled its NPU and Smart Glass technologies at its Oppo Inno Day 2021 event in Lagos. NPU is a technology that is slated to continue to accelerate the efficiency of artificial intelligence (AI) applications and improve functionality, which is how people make the dream of smarter societies a reality.

The fast growing mobile telecommunications company promises to revolutionize the way Nigerians use mobile gadgets through advanced technological advancements in everyday life.

This is an obvious reason why a global giant like this is now showing its passionate ability to make significant technological improvements to the functionality of phones and other related gadgets. For example, there have been huge changes in the brand’s software and hardware strategies and it is quite interesting to see these cutting edge technologies become such relevant and adaptable features in the daily life of an average Nigerian.

In the same vein, the marketing director of Oppo Nigeria, Jennifer okorhi had explained at the event that the new smart glass is built around a revolutionary monocle waveguide design. She further added that it also has an innovative application as a teleprompter, which enables adaptive text display to make presentations at work or in public without a hitch. This is a testament to the adaptability of these technologies in Nigeria, as Nigerians are known around the world for easily adapting the technology in all its ramifications.

The company underpinned its new strategy by creating an innovative experience for Nigerians by unveiling several exciting artificial intelligence (AI) and camera technologies during the 2021 edition. Stakeholders from the first edition in Nigeria agreed on the fact that there is enormous potential for the technologies that Oppo brings to Nigeria.

This takes into account that a large population of Nigerians are already taking advantage of technology applications to solve almost daily challenges in agriculture, financial services, and even the business space.

It is through events like this that stakeholders are drawn into the innovative tech space, a strategy that forward-looking tech companies are deploying to keep Nigerians informed of current realities in the tech space and how they can better take advantage of these new technologies.

Participants of all works of life; both private and public have welcomed the new features the company is adding to its fleet of mobile phones and gadgets. The Honorable Commissioner for Science and Technology of the Lagos State Government, Hakeem Fahm noted during the Lagos Inno Day celebrations that innovation is a practical way to introduce new ideas, while expressing satisfaction with what the tech giant is doing as it also aligns with what Lagos State government aims to achieve with technology.

A Nigerian actress, Stephanie Coker, expressed confidence in the versatility and dynamism that the company puts into its products. “Oppo products; phones, smart glasses, all of them look lovely and it’s hard to find, sometimes you find the phone beautiful but it is very heavy, ”said Stephanie.

While sharing his point of view after the presentation of Inno Day, Big Brother Housemate, Father Egbi who also experimented with the use of the Oppo Reno 5 series on the reality show, noted during the showcase event in Lagos that the newly unveiled products are delightful to the eyes. Pere also expressed his satisfaction with the enormous size of internal memory and the elegance of the unveiled Oppo foldable phones.

There is no doubt that these gadgets will be easily adopted by Nigerians who easily relish this amazing innovative technology. Oppo demonstrates resilience and commitment to creating valuable experiences for its many customers in order to derive maximum satisfaction from the products produced.

In Nigeria, Oppo continues to bring various innovative experiences to its many customers by providing premium and premium mobile gadgets.

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