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Omina Technologies Selected to Present Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence at Belgian Economic Mission 2022

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Omina will present with its American partner Arsome Technology at the Success Stories breakfast of the Federation of Belgian Enterprises, in Boston on June 10.

ANTWERP, BELGIUM, June 9, 2022 / — Omina Technologies is proud to announce that it will be presenting with its U.S. partner Arsome Technology at the Federation of Belgian Business Success Stories Breakfast, to be held at the Westin Copley Place Hotel in Boston on June 10. FEB CEO Pieter Timmermans will lead the FEB Success Stories breakfast. The Belgian officials present will include HRH Princess Astrid, ministers, the ambassador, general managers of commercial agencies.

The Success Stories breakfast is part of the Belgian Economic Mission to the United States, June 4-12 in New York, Boston and Atlanta. The mission, led by HRH Princess Astrid (the King’s representative) and HE Sophie Wilmès, aims to strengthen commercial partnerships between Belgium and the United States. The participation of Omina Technologies brings reliable and ethical artificial intelligence solutions through its AI consulting platform and Justifai.

In 2022, ARSOME Technology and Omina Technologies decided to partner to provide trustworthy AI solutions in the United States
Omina Technologies, headquartered in Belgium, helps its enterprise customers create trusted AI solutions that support fair decision-making and respect privacy, as required by regulatory and industry standards. Their Justifai platform enables users to build AI solutions that are inclusive, transparent and fully explainable, which is important so that all stakeholders can easily understand why particular decisions were made and what factors were considered. in the process. By actively controlling AI-related risks, Omina’s Justifai platform also helps companies minimize compliance and reputational risks associated with the use of AI.

“Omina has been able to guide our clients to stay ahead of the regulatory curve in the EU with our combination of technical skills and industry-specific knowledge,” said Brian Alexander, CEO of Omina North America. “We use our expertise in ethical and trustworthy AI to help life science companies effectively drive patient-centric innovation and optimize the patient experience. We enable insurance companies to provide inclusive coverage models at fair pricing by improving underwriting and risk pricing with high levels of transparency and explainability.

Seeing a shift in the regulatory landscape in the United States – and a need for its services – Omina turned to the US market and partnered with ARSOME Technology to bring its innovative AI solutions to domestic companies operating in highly regulated sectors where decision-making on issues is needed, such as healthcare, life sciences, insurance and education.

“We see this as a very timely and much-needed alliance,” says Benjamin Williams, CEO of Connecticut-based ARSOME. “It’s not just that regulations are getting tougher, although it’s obvious they are: in fact, New York City just passed a first-of-its-kind law that prohibits businesses from using algorithm-based technologies for hiring and promotion decisions unless the software is regularly audited for bias. Beyond that, however, most companies are genuinely interested in being socially responsible, trustworthy together, ARSOME and Omina can contribute to their goal of being good corporate citizens.”

About Omina Technologies: Omina Technologies is an artificial intelligence agency founded by Rachel Alexander in Belgium in 2016. Prior to founding Omina Technologies, Rachel worked as a global IT director at Studio100 and in the management of CSC. In 2020, Brian Alexander joined as President of their US Division in McLean, VA. Their AI platform, Justifai, is designed to enable business domain experts to co-create scalable, reliable, and regulatory-compliant AI innovations and bring them to value faster and more efficiently. Omina Technologies prides itself on making AI explainable and transparent, while respecting data privacy.

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