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mva: Mahajan denounces the Mva government and describes the coal crisis as “artificial” | Pune News

PUNE: BJP leader and former minister of state Girish Mahajan on Monday said the coal shortage in Maharashtra was artificially created and mismanagement by Maharashtra government Vikas Aghadi was responsible for the load shedding.
“The state government wants to source more and more electricity from the private sector. Thus, they create this false impression about the unavailability of coal. Electricity would be purchased at the higher rate from private power companies. This will serve the interests of the ruling party leaders,” he said.
Addressing a press conference, Mahajan said the state government was making ordinary people suffer in the summer heat. Farmers were facing hardship due to power cuts and many were becoming debtors in default due to such government policies. The government wanted to gain their support by granting loan relief, he said.
The state government had shut down a power station of around 2,000 MW and blamed the Union government for the non-availability of coal, which was untrue. The state had deliberately ignored coal storage when it knew electricity demand would be high from March through June. “The government should have completed the maintenance work when the demand was less. But it does repairs and restorations during peak demand. This compounded the power supply issues,” he said.