Microsoft’s Windows Subsystem for Android may not support Xbox One after all

We reported yesterday that Microsoft’s Windows Subsystem app for Android has been spotted in the Microsoft Store.

The most interesting feature on the list was that the app supported both Windows 11 (aka Windows 10 version 2200.0) and Xbox One, something Microsoft had never mentioned before.

Given Microsoft’s focus on WSA to bring Android games to Windows 11, this wouldn’t have come as a total surprise, but it looks like it actually won’t.

The WC received a statement from Microsoft saying “there is “no plan” to bring the Windows 11 Android subsystem to Xbox at present.

Microsoft has left the door open for future support, but that certainly won’t be in place when Microsoft finally delivers WSA to Windows 11.

This work has been delayed, and we recently learned that Microsoft will be releasing Windows 11 without support for Android apps as the company is still working on the technology.

Microsoft will be offering Android apps on the Amazon Store, but while the technology has potential, the Windows Subsystem for Android will not support all of the store’s apps, and it remains to be seen how much the functionality will have. impact, especially since WSA will require 16GB of RAM is recommended for good performance, which is still not the benchmark for most mainstream laptops.

The Windows Subsystem for Android app can be viewed in the Store here.

Windows Subsystem for Android ™
Windows Subsystem for Android ™

Developer: Microsoft Corp.

Price: Kostenlos

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