Michael Jackson’s ominous autopsy report – tattooed lips to cracked ribs

With his hit songs such as Black Or White, Billie Jean and Thriller, at their peak Michael jackson was an unstoppable pop star who took the world by storm.

The news of his death on June 25, 2009 shocked not only his loyal fans, but the entire world as the King of Pop took his last breath, the nation fell silent as well.

Michael’s autopsy report was released on August 28, 2009, when the Los Angeles County Coroner concluded Jackson’s death was a homicide.

The court heard how Jackson was given propofol and anti-anxiety benzodiazepines, lorazepam and midazolam, from his doctor, Conrad Murray.

Murray was convicted of manslaughter in 2011 and served two years of his four-year prison sentence for good behavior.

Michael Jackson’s death was recorded as a homicide

But fans were confused when Michael’s autopsy revealed he was a “fairly healthy” 50-year-old man at the time of his death.

Going into detail, the report recalled how the King of Pop had punch marks on his arms.

He also revealed a number of tattoos that Michael had kept secret including tattooed pink lips, eyebrows and he also had a dark tattoo on the top of his bald head so he could allegedly better disguise his wigs.

His autopsy revealed how the singer had his head tattooed to better blend in with his wigs.

Michael has openly discussed his cosmetic surgery, so it’s no surprise that the report details how he had scars behind his ears and next to his nostrils, which the coroner described as likely “caused by the cosmetic surgery.” .

He also reported how he had a scar on his knee which was attributed to the fact that it was “probably due to medical intervention”.

Her remaining hair was described as short and tightly curled.

The report also detailed how Michael got a tattoo on his lips and eyebrows.

Corroborating the reports that he suffered from Vitiligo, Michael had depigmentation of the skin around his face, chest, abdomen, and arms.

The disturbing report also detailed the injuries he sustained as paramedics desperately tried to save his life.

Paramedics cracked his ribs during CPR and a machine called a balloon pump was inserted into his chest as they attempted to revive his heart.

Michael also had cracked ribs from the time the paramedics were performing CPR

The singer also suffered from arthritis and mild lung damage, which Dr. Zeev Kain, the University of California doctor who reviewed the report for the Associated Press at the time, said Michael was perhaps be short of breath.

However, Dr Kain says the star, “the general health was good”, and the results were within “normal limits”.

After his death, Michael left behind his three children, Paris, Michael Joseph Junior and Prince.

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