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Miamisburg artificial intelligence company is growing at a rapid pace

December 28 – A Miamisburg company that has spent the year achieving tremendous growth on several fronts intends to start over in 2022.

Riverain Technologies, a pioneer in artificial intelligence applications for chest imaging, aims to save lives through the early detection, diagnosis and management of lung disease. In 2021, the company doubled its space in Miamisburg, increased the size of its team and partners, and increased revenue by more than 50%. She intends to launch several new products over the coming year.

Growth is fueled by accelerating interest in its products, including applications designed to improve early detection of lung cancer, as well as other applications for disease detection in chest x-rays and CT scans, according to spokesperson Sanmitra Iwanski. In 2021, she relaunched her brand with the message “See Clearly. Decidely Confidently ”.

Riverine is thriving because there are a few challenges he can help tackle in healthcare, said Iwanski. “All of our products reduce repetitive steps and allow radiologists to read lung images faster and with more confidence,” she said.

Riverain Technologies employs 25 people and plans to double in the coming year, staying local while expanding. In November, the office moved from its old facility to 3020 S. Tech Blvd. to its new 8,200 square foot facility at 3130 S. Tech Blvd., a space that has been renovated to meet the needs of the business and prepare for future growth.

“We have just expanded our offices to meet the growth we are seeing,” said Iwanski. “We plan to continue to grow at a rapid rate due to the increased focus on lung health and early detection of lung cancer. We hope to almost double the size of the organization again and significantly increase revenues in 2022. ”

Riverain Technologies was founded in 2004 as Riverain Medical by Clay Mathile and Richard Glennon, two longtime entrepreneurs and executives from the Dayton area. The Mathile and Glennon families are still active and committed investors and advisers to the company, she said.

Riverain began specifically with the detection of lung cancer and pulmonary nodules. It has a “rich pipeline of new offerings,” including a recent FDA submission for the detection of pneumothorax, a life-threatening and usually subtle condition associated with the entry of air into the chest cavity that can transform. into a collapsed lung, said Iwanski.

“Our customers have told us that this issue is an issue that concerns them both in terms of workflow and patient care, so we are taking steps to support their efforts,” she said.

Lung cancer is the No. 1 cancer killer in the world and accounts for almost 1 in 5 cancer deaths, said Iwanski. The reason? It is usually found in the later stages, when the chances of survival decrease dramatically.

“Discovered early, lung cancer is 10 times more curable,” she said. “We can save lives by helping radiologists detect lung cancer at an early stage, frequently with a chest image taken for another reason, also known as a chance find.”

The company’s software trains a machine to read all kinds of specific and clinically important situations in the lungs, whether it’s on a CT scan or an x-ray image, and then test its application against real-world data.

“Where we are unique in this space, and why we are special, is that our AI doesn’t depend on things that already exist,” said Iwanski. “When you depend on real world data to train your AI, you are limited in what you can do because your ‘machine’ doesn’t easily recognize things that don’t often happen in the real world.”