Meet ‘Mochi’, the Chinese-made mobile charging robot for Envision’s electric vehicles

Envision, a technology company specializing in wind turbines and energy management software, presented its very first mobile charging robot. The new device, dubbed “Mochi”, will soon be available to charge electric vehicles (EVs), increasingly widespread in China, with 100% green electricity.

A new device with a name that looks a bit like a Japanese pastry shop, Mochi, could prove to be a game changer for mobility in China. In a market that has massively adopted EVs in line with the environmental ambitions of the People’s Republic, the mobile charging robot will facilitate and accelerate a green revolution. According to its manufacturer, Envision, Mochi is compatible with most electric vehicles currently on the country’s roads.

Unveiled at Envision’s Net-Zero Day in Shanghai, the device will be the first mass-produced charging robot powered by 100% green electricity. The Chinese company has pledged that the first units will be available in June, when drivers will also be able to book charging services through the dedicated Mochi app.

Mochi is compatible with most consumer EVs in the Chinese market. Powered by Envision batteries, the robot has a capacity of 70 kWh and a power of 42 kW, allowing it to charge an EV in just two hours with enough electricity for a range of up to 600 kilometers. Mochi will benefit from Envision Group’s EnOSTM intelligent operating system, which connects and manages more than 200 gigawatts of renewable energy assets around the world. The system will provide the device with 100% access to green electricity, allowing electric vehicles, billed by Mochi, to offer passengers a truly green ride (1 gigawatt equals one billion watts).

A flexible solution

After subscribing to the service through the Mochi app, EV drivers can leave their cars and rely on Mochi to find them. Once instructed to charge an electric vehicle, Mochi will locate it using his precise navigation system and automatically connect to the vehicle. While charging is in progress, Envision’s EnOSTM system will monitor the EV battery in real time and perform a comprehensive health exam to ensure it is completely safe.

Mochi will provide a flexible solution in response to the growing demand for EV charging in Asia. At the same time, mainland drivers can expect to park in more places and no longer have to endure the time-consuming hassle of finding very often busy charging points.

“The smart device is also a link that brings green energy into people’s daily lives and enables everyone to adopt a net zero life in advance,” said Zhang Lei, CEO of Envision. The company, which has R&D and engineering centers in Asia, Europe and North America, has installed more than 2,400 wind turbines worldwide and provided software used in more than 6,000.

In 2020, some 1.37 million electric vehicles were sold in China, representing 9% of the country’s automotive market, the largest in the world.

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