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Industry and Technology Minister Varank speaks at the Artificial Intelligence Summit

Industry and Technology Minister Varank speaks at the Artificial Intelligence Summit

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said, “We want to build an artificial intelligence ecosystem that creates value globally with the competitive technologies we have introduced. We will work with determination to ensure that our country is among the top 20 in the international artificial intelligence indices. noted.

Minister Varank attended the opening of the 1st Artificial Intelligence Summit “AI [Tomorrow Summit]» event organized online by the Artificial Intelligence Policy Association (AIPA) with a video message. Stating that artificial intelligence continues to spread rapidly in all walks of life, Varank said a transformational process has begun in which the developed technologies are reshaping human life, economy and society.


Explaining that companies using innovative technologies and artificial intelligence platforms are now on the lists of the most valuable brands in the world, Varank said: “Artificial intelligence is one of the main technologies that affect the public, the business, the economy and society as a whole. Healthcare, education, transportation, communication, cybersecurity, finance, smart cities and gaming are the areas AI technologies are fueling the most. he said.


Giving an example of Togg at this point, Varank said, “Togg brought technology and artistry together in line with the brand’s DNA at the Consumer Electronics Fair in the United States, where it took the world stage. He explained the goals and vision of his brand with a new rhythmic and timbral melody created from 2 classical Turkish music using the word visualization technique with an artificial intelligence algorithm and again by machine learning. he said.


Noting that artificial intelligence has the potential to directly affect the international balance of power, Varank noted that more than 60 states have announced their national artificial intelligence strategies and serious steps have been taken and investments have been made. made in this area.


Noting that artificial intelligence is one of the main carriers of the development goals determined in accordance with the vision of “Digital Turkey” and the “National Technology Movement”, Varank said, “In this regard, we have prepared our strategy national artificial intelligence team last year with the digital transformation office of the presidency and all relevant stakeholders.In line with our strategic priorities, we focused on human capital, support for R&D and entrepreneurship , access to infrastructure and quality data, legal regulations that will accelerate socio-economic harmony and international cooperation,” he said.


“We want to build an artificial intelligence ecosystem that creates value on a global scale with the competitive technologies that we have offered,” Varank said, adding, “We will work decisively to ensure that our country ranks among the top 20 in international artificial intelligence indices.To achieve this, it requires qualified human resources to guide artificial intelligence technologies.used expressions.


Noting that there are many innovative initiatives from the Turkish Open Source Platform to 42 software schools, from DENEYAP Technology Workshops to the International Leading Researchers Program and TEKNOFEST, Varank said that with these innovative projects, while training more software developers, they also support the development of young people’s technological skills. expressed.


Noting that another prerequisite for achieving the goals in the field of artificial intelligence is the dissemination of the culture of R&D and innovation and entrepreneurship in this field, Varank said that they encourage the private sector to invest in both infrastructure and project-based support.


Noting that studies are underway to effectively benefit relevant stakeholders from international funding opportunities, Varank told researchers and entrepreneurs at this stage: “The Ufuk Europe and Digital Europe programs offer significant funding opportunities for our companies. and our researchers during the period 2021-2027. . Please apply here. We are ready to provide you with all kinds of support and advice during the application processes. Again, we offer all kinds of opportunities for the development of technology-based entrepreneurship with the incubation centers and the venture capital funds that we have created ourselves. made his call.


Stating that they were very pleased with the fruits of these supports recently, Varank said, “As you know, Turkey’s first unicorn came out of a technopark. From now on we have 6 unicorns or 6 Turcorns as they say. We will reach our 2023 goal of 10 Turcorns. I believe it wholeheartedly. I even believe that some of these Turcorns will be companies working in the field of artificial intelligence. noted.


Noting that one of the main determinants of artificial intelligence is data and data processing infrastructure, Minister Varank said: “How much data do you think is produced each year in the world? 500 million tweets, 294 billion emails, 4 million GB of Facebook shares, 65 billion WhatsApp messages sent every day, YouTube720 thousand hours of new content added to . every day creates an incredible amount of information. Too much data is being generated. I can say that; 41 zettabytes of data are produced worldwide every year and it continues to grow day by day. shared his knowledge.


Stating that the correct labeling of data is as important as the size, volume and diversity of data, Varank said that there are important studies conducted both within the TÜBİTAK body and through international collaborations. on these issues. Noting that the topic of artificial intelligence also has a socio-economic dimension, Varank said that as the field of artificial intelligence expands, the pressure of adaptation on individual habits, ways of doing business, professions and even business structures triggers socio-economic transformation.


Stating that for useful technology to have a transformative effect, it must be emotionally accepted and socially approved, Minister Varank said: “Currently, the widespread use of artificial intelligence is better than software that assesses the experience and pre-coded statistics. But if there are inconsistencies and gaps in the system, a good AI will find them very quickly. However, its further decision will entirely depend on its built-in algorithm. So what if the AI ​​decides to become a hacker? All of these ethical debates will in fact come more to the fore in the coming period, and they will occupy a larger part of our agenda. noted.