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In Mopa, artificial bird nests to compensate for habitat loss | Goa News

Panaji: The Regional Empowered Committee (REC) of the Union Ministry of Environment, Bengaluru, has authorized the diversion of an additional 6.8 hectares of forest area for the Mopa International Airport project in Pernem. The REC said, however, that the user agency will have to develop artificial nesting areas for the birds in the area at the agency’s expense.
Artificial bird nests have already been suggested as a mitigation measure to offset habitat loss in the case of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed rail project.
The land diversion at Chandel, Mopa, was requested by the Civil Aviation Authority to develop a Category I approach surface to the runway. The REC approved the proposal, but now posed some additional conditions to the usual conditions.
“Monitoring should be done on a bi-annual basis to determine adverse effects on avifauna and human-wildlife conflict. Artificial nesting space must be identified and developed (artificial nesting boxes, etc.) by the Forestry Department for birdlife outside the funnel area at the expense of the user agency,” the REC said during the its April 29 meeting.
Artificial nests are usually a mixture of box-type, platform-type, and cup-type nests made from materials normally used by birds. These are placed in a mix of natural and modified habitats to mitigate habitat loss.
The user agency has also been informed that no construction activity can be undertaken in this proposed diversion area.
“Wherever it is proposed to fell trees, the stumps should be retained and appropriate soil and moisture conservation works in the area should be undertaken at the expense of the user agency. The compensatory afforestation area should be chain-link fenced and the compensatory afforestation program should include provisions for watering, planting taller saplings and 10-year maintenance,” the REC said.
Any required felling or topping must be done in consultation with the state forest department, the user agency has been advised.
“The user agency shall provide space to the Forest Department as an animal rescue center to resolve human-animal conflicts in the airport area as the area is adjacent to good forest,” the committee said. .
The Category I approach surface helps pilots make an approach to land.