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Idols discovered near an artificial pond | News from Vadodara

VADODARA: A row has been raked after idols and the remains of small temples were found near the artificial pond prepared at Navalakhi Ground by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) late on Saturday evening. Lawyer and activist Niraj Jain and others took part in a protest at the site, claiming the idols came from the temples razed on Old Padra Road for the ongoing work on the flyover.
Small temples on the roads called ‘deris’ were razed late this month earlier this month. This decision was criticized by political parties as well as activists. Protests were organized by Congress and others against shaving.
Jain claimed that he had been informed of the idols lying with other debris near the artificial pond. He said he rushed to the site to verify the information and found it to be true. “These are from the temples of the old Padra road. There are idols and images of deities with the Lord Hanuman,” he said.
Jain said he would sit down to protest at the site until the authorities did not come there. He sought to have the idols installed with dignity.
A VMC official said that the idols from the temples on the old Padra road have been installed in a dignified manner at a Hanuman temple in Gorwa, a Baliyadev temple in Salatvada and a Bhathiji temple in Akota.
He said the idols found on the Navlakhi ground near the artificial pond were not those of the temple on Old Padra Road. “We don’t know where idols come from,” he said.