Huge great white shark fishing boat rods in scary pictures

Terrifying images captured the moment a great White shark appeared next to a fishing boat.

Video shows the ship approaching the menacing fin in the water.

When he gets closer, the body of the dreaded creature fully appears.

He then appears to be following the boat before the end of the 20-second clip.

The video was taken near Ponce Inlet, Florida, USA, by fisherman Jeff Estes.

He said he was returning to shore on May 6 when he spotted the shark.

Speaking to Fox 35 Orlando, he said he “looped and idled for about 10 minutes” before making it back to shore.

The great white shark hiding near the fishing boat

The images arrive just weeks before shark season begins in June, where warmer summer waters prompt more sightings.

Although attacks on humans are rare, there have been two in as many weeks.

A surfer “with a big heart” was killed by one of the predators off Sand Dollar Beach in Santa Cruz, California.

Ben Kelly, 26, was surfing just 100 feet off the coast in an area where dozens of great whites had been spotted.

In Australia, a a scary photo emerged of a shark lurking a few steps from a surfer.

The Frenchman had managed to fight the beast and was returning to shore with a leg injury when the image was taken.

It comes after a swimmer managed to escape with his life after a shark attack by hitting the beast and telling him to “f *** off”.

The great whites gained a reputation as the ocean’s deadliest predator thanks to the success of Stephen Spielberg’s cult classic, Jaws and the Beasts are often seen in the Cape Cod area where scenes were filmed in Massachusetts.

Females can reach 6.1 meters and weigh up to 2268 kg.

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