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How to get to the artificial island in Tower of Fantasy

Uncertain how to get to the artificial island in Tower of Fantasy? The new area may take center stage in the Tower of Fantasy 1.5 update, but that doesn’t mean reaching it is straightforward navigation. First of all, only Wanderers level 50 and above are eligible to accept the mission that takes you to the island. If you’re a little short on levels, check out our Tower of Fantasy leveling guide – as well as our Tower of Fantasy guide for beginners – for a series of helpful tips to help you level up those levels quickly.

In addition, you must have reached chapter two of the Tower of Fantasy story before you can go to the artificial island. Chances are you’ve completed this requirement, but if you’ve lost the narrative thread, select the story tab from your terminal menu to see the next steps you need to take on your journey in order to complete Chapter One.

Tower of Fantasy man-made island location

Start your journey to the artificial island by accessing the Special Operation tab from the rewards menu in the upper right corner of the screen. Select Artificial Island from the list to read and accept Kolador’s invitation. This will spawn the “Go to the Artificial Island” side mission in your journal.

Once you’ve accepted Koladar’s invitation, head to Banges Dock via the Space Rift and up the stairs to the landing pad. Koladar will be parked by the artificial island jet awaiting departure. Talk to him first, then interact with the artificial island jet to get to the island. Congratulation ! After a loading screen and a brief cutscene, you have arrived on the artificial island!

It’s tempting to dive straight into everything the man-made island has to offer, but we recommend making this your first priority to unlock the Base Zero space rift directly south of the landing pad. By doing so, you can freely fast travel to and from the island from your Tower of Fantasy map, rather than having to take Banges’ ship each time.

That’s all the direction you need to get to the man-made island. While you explore, don’t forget to serve your daily customers their favorite dish during the Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe event, which will help you save enough money for the limited Tower of Fantasy banners. You’ll probably spend them on the all-new Tower of Fantasy Claudia mock, but if you’re still on the hunt for Frigg, check out our Tower of Fantasy Frigg build to find out what makes the Ice Queen tick.