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Hoteliers allege artificial rise in price of poultry meat in Kerala

Hoteliers have claimed there is an artificial increase in the price of chicken, which has affected business profitability at a time when the restaurant and hospitality industry is recovering from a severe setback caused by COVID -19. Azees Moosa, representing hoteliers, said on Monday that the price of live chicken had risen to ₹140 per kg, which translates to around ₹200 in meat prices. The level of chicken prices will now force hoteliers to raise prices for everyday favorites like biriyani, he said, adding that it would affect restaurants catering to those looking for affordable food. “Price of poultry meat had increased by ₹5 per kg on Monday. The price increase is artificial. There is no reason for the price to increase at this time of year,” he said, pointing out that the start of summer has generally seen a drop in demand for meat in restaurants. Hoteliers claimed the price of poultry meat had risen by 40% in the past fortnight. Meanwhile, hoteliers have demanded government intervention in the matter and an increase in poultry meat production. Meat Products of India (MPI), a government-owned company engaged in selling meat products across the state, said it processes 2,500 poultry per shift per day, a total of 5,000 poultry . The company was also sanctioned for a ₹2 crore project to set up a processing plant for an additional 5,000 birds per day. MPI sources said tenders for the project would be launched soon. MPI is also setting up a value-added meat products factory in Kollam district, where sausages, kebabs and marinated chicken will be processed, company sources said.