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Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that the country had followed the mantra of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas for the past seven years as he spoke of the seven years in power of the government led by the Bharatiya Janata party.

“During these years the country has followed the mantra of ‘Sabka-Saath, Sabka-Vikas, Sabka-Vishwas’. We have all worked at all times with dedication in the service of the country… Friends, all that we have accomplished during these seven years has been of the country, of the compatriots. Together, we have experienced many moments of national pride over these years, ”Prime Minister Modi told Mann Ki Baat listeners.

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“When we see that now India is moving forward not with the thought and pressure of other countries, but with its own conviction, then we all feel proud. When we see that now India is giving an appropriate response to those who are conspiring against us, then our confidence soars. When India does not compromise on national security issues, when the strength of our armed forces increases, we feel that yes, we are on the right track, ”he said.

The prime minister said India not only battled the biggest pandemic in a century, but also faced natural disasters, including Cyclone Tauktae on the west coast and Cyclone Yaas on the east coast, while fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

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PM Modi said delivering medical grade oxygen to different states during the second wave of Covid-19 was a challenge, but that the Indian Air Force (IAF), Indian Railways and many tanker drivers ensured that crucial gas was delivered to those who needed it. time. He spoke with the driver of a liquid oxygen tanker, a female locomotive pilot and an IAF officer involved in the transport of oxygen and related equipment to convey how workers first line have helped fight the coronavirus pandemic.

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Listing the work done by the Center, he said the development in terms of supplying electricity to villages, connecting remote areas to towns and houses for the poor under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and others programs was possible because “in those seven years, more than as a government or people, we have worked together as one country. “” We worked as a team. We worked as Team India. Every citizen has tried to take a few steps forward to move the country forward, ”he said.

There are successes as well as trials, he said, but “we also got through a lot of tough tests, and each time we all came out stronger,” he added. The country, he said, is continually put to the test during the coronavirus pandemic. “It is a crisis that is raging around the world, so many people have lost their loved ones. Even large countries have not been spared from its devastation. In the midst of this pandemic, India is moving forward with determination of service and cooperation. In the first wave, we fought bravely; this time, too, India will be victorious in the ongoing fight against the virus. “

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