Fire risk increases with temperatures in parts of California – NBC Bay Area

Public health officials urge residents to stay hydrated, find shade and take breaks to avoid heat exhaustion as temperatures soar across much of central and northern California.

San Francisco could see temperatures in the 80s (around 28 degrees Celsius) while interior areas could reach 100 degrees (around 38 degrees Celsius) as a high pressure system builds from Sunday to Wednesday, the National said. Weather Service.

Expect a continued rise in temperatures for Monday with a Spare the Air alert also issued for unsanitary levels for sensitive groups in the area at ground level for the interior of the East Bay. NBC Bay Area Meteorologist Vianey Arana has your microclimate forecast.

“The heat risk concerns don’t just affect the Bay Area, but much of Northern California and the Central Valley,” the NWS Bay Area tweeted Sunday. Over 9 million people are subject to a heat advisory or excessive heat warning.

Soaring temperatures come with an increased risk of forest fires in the state where vegetation is extremely dry after a winter and spring with relatively little rain and snow.

The California power grid operator said on Saturday it did not anticipate power cuts during the heat wave.

There is enough electricity to meet the expected surge in demand, the California independent system operator said in a statement, but it will closely monitor the grid in case it needs to call on the public to save money. .

ISO said the state was better prepared to avoid the rotating power outages of last summer.

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