FIFA 20 Down: Last Server State After Early Access Launched

FIFA 20 appears to be having issues this morning after the early launch of the Champions and Ultimate Editions games last night.

The game is not expected to hit stores until later this week, September 27, but some players have been hoping to get into the game early with the Champions or Ultimate Edition which offers three-day early access.

However, reports this morning suggest the game’s servers may falter.

At around 10 a.m. BST this morning, EA and FIFA 20 servers began to experience issues, with reports on the independent Down Detector outage monitoring website.

There is also a flurry of users reporting issues on social media.

“FIFA 20 is finally coming out and the servers are already down smh, and I can’t find this update,” wrote one clearly unhappy fan.

“It’s been 10 hours out of service and the servers are already down,” added another.

“Have anyone else’s servers gone down? This will not allow me to connect to ea servers on #FIFA #UltimateTeam”

As of this writing, EA_Help, the publisher’s Twitter support account, has yet to resolve these issues.

But hopefully the servers will come back online soon to ensure a smooth launch of the game.

Stay tuned for updates.

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