Fans stick with pedo rock star Ian Watkins

SICK: Ian Watkins received mail from deceived fans who believe he is innocent – despite his guilty plea [WENN]

Despite admitting to sexually abusing a baby, the Lostprophets singer’s followers have written to him en masse.

Others sent him cash and toiletries to make his time in prison more comfortable.

Just days ago, sufferers even uploaded photos of the singer’s initials surrounded by love hearts inked on their wrists to a Facebook page called We Support Ian Watkins.

A Manchester-based fan said last night that he would never stop writing to his idol, despite Watkins being jailed for 35 years last week for his crimes.

The disappointed music lover said: “He has brought so much meaning to the lives of his fans that without the Lostprophets we are empty. I am in contact with female fans who have written to him sending him pictures, telling him that they will be waiting for him when he is released.

“Others don’t believe he’s really guilty and still want to marry her. I know people who sent money, shampoo and deodorant, so Ian realizes his fans are thinking of him.

Watkins, 36, of Pontypridd, south Wales, is being held in Wakefield maximum security prison in West Yorks.

Last month at Cardiff Crown Court he pleaded guilty to a spate of child sex offenses.

Two female fans who helped him abuse their children have been jailed for 14 and 17 years.

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