Fans react to news of Bradley Beal wishing to stay with Washington

Washington Wizards goalie Bradley Beal has been the subject of much business speculation throughout the start of the NBA season. While Beal hasn’t officially requested an exchange, or even hinted that he wants to go out, there seems to be a general consensus that he’s not going anywhere fast in Washington.

Beal only has so many years left to play at a high level, and many insiders are bracing for the likelihood that he will eventually want to go and play for a contender. However, a new report says Bradley Beal has no plans to leave Washington. In fact, he wants to stay.

NBA fans took to social media to react to the news that Bradley Beal wanted to remain a wizard.

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I think there are two ways of looking at Bradley Beal’s situation. For starters, it’s pretty refreshing to see a guy stay true to the team he’s been with for his entire career. It looks like the NBA is made up of a lot of divas who work their way out when the going gets the least risky. It’s not Bradley Beal.

On the other hand, why wouldn’t Bradley Beal want to be traded? If Washington were to commit to rebuilding and grant Bradley Beal a trade, he should seize the opportunity. Also, does that really sound like a guy who is really determined to win in Washington?

This whole Bradley Beal situation seems a little strange to me. We may have more clarity over time.

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