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False declaration ! Video of how artificial milk is made using chemicals in Bharuch, Gujarat, made of Phenyl

A video of artificial milk made from chemicals goes viral on WhatsApp, with claims that this is how the milk is made to meet India’s daily requirement of 50 crore litres, and that people might quit to drink milk after knowing the truth about the dairy industries.

Milk adulteration is a growing problem in India, and this video uses this reasoning to show how milk is made from harmful chemicals in industries. The video begins by saying that a person could stop drinking milk if they saw this video, then explains how this is how India meets its daily requirement of 50 million liters of milk while showing a person mixing a dark liquid, said to a chemical, with another liquid, which turns into a milky white emulsion.

The narrator adds that this video was taken in Bharuch industrial zone, where a worker from one of the milk adulteration factories complained against the owner of the respective factory. He goes on to explain how the chemical is hot or dangerous and the person holds it with tongs, and after mixing water in it, the “artificial milk” is made. He adds that this video is proof that India’s sole supplier of milk is not cows and buffaloes. The video also tells about 5 tests a person can do to check if the milk is pure or artificial.

It was also viral on social media in 2020.

Fake milk in India…. 😡

Posted by Rajesh Lakhani on Monday, February 3, 2020

We received messages on our WhatsApp fact-checking no. +91-6364000343 asking to verify the claim.

To claim:

Bharuch Industries manufactures artificial milk using hazardous chemicals, to meet India’s milk needs.

Fact check:

The Logical Indian Fact Check team verified the claim and found it to be false.

To start, we checked the pin code written on the drum. 393002 is the postal code of Ankleshwar, which is an industrial area in Bharuch, Gujarat. It is also known as the “oil city” of Gujarat and is popular for its industrial township, the Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC). GIDC Industrial Estate is also written on the drum.

The industrial zone has more than 2000 industries registered under the GIDC and as part of the Ankleswar Industries Association (IAA). Industries include chemical and manufacturing plants, for products like insecticides, paints, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

Image credit: AIA

After further research, we came across many videos similar to this one, where water is added to a darker liquid chemical to form a milky white emulsion. These videos are about home preparation of Phenyl and not milk. You can find these videos here and here.

This process is similar to people who buy the white phenyl concentrate for home use, for cleaning, etc., and add water to the solution before making it. The formula for white phenyl is phenyl concentrate (red turkey oil + pine oil) and water, and several phenyl manufacturers only sell the concentrate which can then be mixed with water by the user .

Also, the liquid that falls on the drum while the person is mixing the phenyl doesn’t look like milk either. The person was also using tongs to handle the concentrate, for which tongs aren’t necessarily necessary, and that would explain why he was handling the glasses, along with the “dangerous liquid”, with his hands for the rest of the video.

However, milk adulteration is a real problem in India, and according to a 2020 study by the Consumer Guidance Society of India, 79% of the milk available in Maharashtra is adulterated, as reported The Hindu. According to a 2018 study by the Animal Welfare Board, 68.7% of India’s milk and dairy by-product production was found to be mixed with polluting ingredients, as reported by the Economic period.

Logical Indian’s fact-checking team verified the allegation and found it to be false. The video is not about artificial milk, but about a process of making phenyl, which is shared with a poor description. This is not to overlook the problem of milk adulteration in the country.

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