VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: OMG! You will NEVER guess what Hollywood hottie this is!

PRETTY WOMAN: is NOT the title of this movie … [FS]

It takes a real man to be comfortable enough to be seen on the big screen like that.

Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne has announced that he is playing a transsexual in his new movie The Danish Girl.

Then again, the The Theory of Everything star is already known for her daring and daring choice of movie roles.

But we never expected Captain America to tackle the lippy and throw his beautiful long locks.

Ohhh, Chris Evans, what have you DONE?

Turns out, this startling new look is just one of many wacky, crazy moments from Hollywood hunk’s latest romantic comedy, Playing It Cool.


Review of Stripchat

In the movie, Evans plays a man, let’s face it, a bit pretentious who likes to visualize himself as different characters, depending on the situation.

Basically he’s a bit of a jerk.

Lucky for him that he looks like Chris Evans.

He falls in love with an unavailable girl, known as “ her, ” played by Parks and Receation star Aubrey Plaza.

Even though she has a boyfriend, Evans’ character seeks to make one her own.

Still with us?

Our exclusive clip shows the guys going to an atrocious party of performance art in pursuit of the fairer sex.

The things we do for love.

It’s worth the squirming just for the jaw-dropping flash at the end of the character of Evans putting himself in the girl’s shoes – literally!

The film also stars Anthony Mackie and Evans’ Fantastic Four old pal Ioan Gruffudd.

Playing It Cool will be available on VOD from March 2

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