Dillon Danis mocks kickboxing legend John Wayne Parr, is challenged to a fight

It’s been over two years since the last time Dillon Danis stepped into a cage for a professional fight. However, he recently called a 10-time kickboxing world champion. John wayne Parr, who accepted the challenge on attractive terms.

After moving from stud status to BJJ in MMA, Danis went 2-0 as a pro, competing under the Bellator banner. However, he is mainly known for pitching bullets online and fighting more on social media than he has in the real world.

The most recent of these came from when he took to Twitter to share a photo of himself, alongside an edited photo of Parr’s stitched face, showing all of the stitches he’s received over the years. Here he asked his supporters who they think would win in an MMA fight.

“Who do you have in an MMA fight?” Danis reflects.

John Wayne Parr happy to oblige Dillon Danis

Dillon Danis probably should have known that calling a man with almost 150 fights under his belt would likely result in some sort of response. Understandably, John Wayne Parr isn’t afraid to fight anyone, including Conor McGregor’s training partner.

He responded to Dillon with his own tweet, accepting the offer to part ways with the JJB practitioner. Although rather than an MMA fight, he suggested that they throw themselves into a cage Muay Thai fight, using MMA gloves.

I do Muay Thai and amigo boxing. I know you consider yourself to be an all-rounder so let’s do a cage muay thai match with mma gloves Man shrugging shoulders!!! “Parr wrote in a quote tweet to Danis.

Understandably, Dillon Danis didn’t respond to that, leaving John Wayne Parr to have the final say, with nearly three times the likes. It’s hilarious to think of those two fights, but it shows fans are tired of hearing Dillon speak without a fight to save him.

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