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Create an artificial intelligence video with AI STUDIOS

In the current era of digitalization, there is no denying that videos are far more effective in conveying the message through any social media platform. Referring to AI videos, it is estimated that delivering messages through visuals is 49% more effective than plain text. Therefore, we are seeing more visuals on social media platforms that improve user engagement.

Not only that, businesses generate business through AI videos where the message and product details are depicted in an eye-catching manner, and users earn all the points in relatively less time. Businesses spend a large portion of their income creating videos, but their expenses have been reduced with high-quality video generators such as AI STUDIOS. It allows you to effortlessly generate long videos in minutes at a relatively affordable cost.

High quality AI video creation with AI STUDIOS

Manual video creation is quite a lengthy process where it takes hours to shoot the video and process it using editing tools and ingest the final product. Other than that, the expense of hiring models, buying professional tools, editing software, and building a team to edit and finalize a single video is a daunting task. Most of the time, in the end, these manually generated videos show errors and don’t live up to our expectation. That is why it is now becoming a conventional way to create videos.

This age belongs to the futuristic approach to hassle-free AI video creation. It allows you to form a video with editable background, high quality voiceover via TTS (text to speak) mode, manual scripts and subtitles via TTV (text to video) mode, different languages , built-in AI avatars that result in a high-end video created in minutes.

AI Generator brings progress and productivity in visual content as it targets more audiences due to custom languages ​​and avatars. This results in a high return on investment with little effort and time. You get high quality editable AI videos.

How to make an AI video

Let’s learn how you can add the desired features with just one click to AI STUDIO’s video creation by following these simple steps.

1. Choose your video type

Unlike other video generation platforms, AI STUDIOS allows you to generate and download your video in the desired format. It offers you multiple video format options. You can download videos in platform-specific format where you want to download them. Without having to download a video to change the file format, get the format you want in minutes of effort.

2. Upload your script

With the TTV (Text to video) mode, you can manually enter your script to turn it into a visual. It will automatically generate subtitles for you. Whatever text you add will appear in the video. You can also add images, text formatting, shapes, and more.

3. Select your avatar

There are 11 avatars built into AI STUDIOS. Avatars are artificial AI humans that feel surprisingly realistic. You can choose an appropriate avatar for your video. Without casting, filming, editing and spending on models, you will have your video object. Moreover, you can add shapes, text, etc., in the frame, and the video background can be customized. After adding your script and selecting an avatar, vocalize the text in a native accent with full expressions that make it hard to believe they’re not human.

Built-in avatars allow you to add ultra-realistic human faces with just one click, making AI STUDIOS a unique video generation platform.

4. Select your voice

Four different languages ​​are integrated into the platform by default. These are Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese. You can add text, and with TTS (Text to Speak) mode will translate to speech. Other than that, you can record your voice and upload it.

5. Customization flexibility

The most impressive thing about AI STUDIOS is that it lets you customize your video every step of the way. It’s all your choice, from adding images to adding texts and voices. The functionality of this platform allows you to minimize errors in the final product and results in an editable video.

You can add custom backgrounds and also add background music. It opened the doors to corporate sector training with high-tech presentations.

6. Multi-slide video function

You can merge several short videos to generate a longer video. The platform provides high quality visual and voiceover with ease of use without any error or distortion. You don’t need to try a third-party app to merge videos because it’s one click away with AI STUDIOS.

7. Video dubbing mode

AI videos generated through these platforms may have minor issues or you have seen embarrassing results with the options selected. This does not mean that you have to start the editing process over.

With the video clone mode, you can duplicate an editable copy of your video. Now you can edit the part of the video where you want to make changes. All of this reduces the frustration you face when reforming your video from scratch. After editing, you can add the part to the original video.

8. AI Avatars

With the AI Deepbrains platform, you can add artificial humans of different ethnicities. It cuts the need for any model or cast. You can select any AI Human from the 12 built-in AI Humans as they have other expressions and accents and appear to be of mixed ethnicities.

9. Hassle-Free AI Video Creation with AI STUDIOS

Looking at the steps mentioned above, it became apparent that the AI ​​video generation gave the unexpected advancement. Responding to today’s need to generate engaging visuals, these effortless tools offer incredible assistance.

Moreover, you have observed how easy it is to use this platform, just download, type the script, select the mode and you are done downloading the video. He is a big help when designed to target specific ethnicity audiences with his AI Humans and AI avatars.

The essential

AI STUDIOUS is undoubtedly one of the best video editing platforms that helps you achieve your goal with less time, money and effort. This makes it the future of IA Video’s creation, and the fact that it generated $44 million in Round B clearly shows that the platform is unstoppable in its accomplishments. Try AI STUDIOS now!

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