Corn-soybean intercropping technology to bring ‘green revolution’ to Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Maize-soybean intercropping technology will lead to a new “green revolution” for maize and soybean production in Pakistan with less water, land and fertilizer.

This was stated by oilseed experts from Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), National Research Agricultural Center (NARC), Ayub Agriculture Research Institute (AARI) and Pakistan Oilseed Development Board (PODB) during their visit. on the demonstration plots in Bahawalpur.

According to China Economic Net (CEN), after checking the soybean plants, “It’s amazing to see so many pods on the soybean plants. The technology has great potential to increase crop yields and total crop area, which will benefit our farmers, ”the experts said.

Corn-soybean intercropping technology, developed by Professor Yang Wenyu of Sichuan Agricultural University (SAU), is applied to 100 acres of land in Pakistan this season. not easy, but Muhammad Ali Raza, a post-doc at SAU promoting technology in Pakistan, is doing a good job.

“This is because I have professional training at Sichuan Agricultural University, and my professor Yang Wenyu, my university, Dr Gu Wenliang, Commissioner of Agriculture at the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, told me. have supported a lot, ”said Muhammad Ali Raza with confidence and gratitude.

In response to demand from experts on why this technology is so essential for future soybean production in Pakistan, “because in our country we don’t grow soybeans for many reasons, while this technology gives us two types of crops at the same time We believe that our technology is the only possible way to increase the soybean production area in Pakistan, ”said Muhammad Ali Raza.

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