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CM directs action against artificial price rise

LAHORE, (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News – October 7, 2022): Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Parvez Elahi has ordered indiscriminate action against those responsible for the artificial price hike in the province.

While giving instructions to the cabinet standing committee on price control, the CM said that inflation was the common man’s problem and that a facility should be created for the poor through an effective system. price controls, according to a document released here on Friday.

The people cannot be left at the mercy of black merchants, he stressed and called on the political teams, as well as the administrative ones, to play an active role in saving the people from artificial inflation. The CM stressed that the government has a full understanding of the difficulties of the common man.

Parliamentarians should monitor commodity prices in their regions, he said and clarified that the performance of Deputy Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners would be checked through effective price control measures. A report on the activities of each district will be prepared and those who do well will be commended, the CM added and reiterated that there is no room for negligence in this regard.

Those who have been negligent in price control measures must be held accountable, he warned and ordered daily price control committee meetings to be held at DC offices. At the same time, approved price lists should be displayed in stores and prices should be checked in accordance with SOPs, he said.