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Carl Kruse’s Blog Invites Everyone to Discuss SETI: Artificial Intelligence, Raising Humanity for Good |

MIAMI, January 15, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technological breakthrough allowing algorithms to absorb and understand data, as well as learn for themselves.

Many human tasks have been automated by well-trained AI, which can perform repetitive activities much faster and better than humans. Continuous improvements in AI continue to impact global commerce, traffic management, entertainment, security, healthcare, and myriad other areas.

As with many important human inventions, such as nuclear power, capabilities for good often come with the potential for harm. Bad actors, for example, could manipulate AI for destructive purposes, weaponizing the technology.

As the scope of AI truly covers almost every task, the growing reliance on it to perform day-to-day activities has spawned anxiety about our future relationship with AI. For this reason, there are concerns about its fair use.

The SETI Institute has invited two AI experts for a discussion to explore the benefits – and some of the pitfalls – of deploying AI for the future of society. Alex Lavine and Siddha Ganju, two AI experts and entrepreneurs come together to talk about all things AI. The head of the Trillium Society, James Parer moderate the speech. The chat hopes to provide an accessible conversation about technologies vital to the future of humanity.

The cat is intended for Wednesday, January 19, 2022 from 6 p.m. California time.

It is planned as an online-only event and is free, although registration is required.

Carl Kruse, president of the Berlin chapter of the princeton university Alumni Association of Germany, sponsors these SETI Talks.

All SETI chats are free, subscribed by supporters and friends. Anyone interested in supporting a SETI chat can contact the SETI Institute at [email protected]


Situated at Mountain View, California, the SETI Institute is the world’s largest organization focused on scientific research of extraterrestrial intelligence. Its more than 100 researchers study the nature of the universe and the prevalence of life beyond our world.

Since 2015, the blog has been spotlighting nonprofit groups and people who are making the world a better place. The blog sponsored the SETI Talk: Are UAPs Worth Scientific Attention? Its members have been active in the SETIatHome project and follow developments in scientific space exploration, artificial intelligence and computer technology.

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