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MP Andrew Selous hailed the UK’s exit from the EU as an opportunity to further strengthen ties with South Africa in the future. He said the two countries were already doing a significant volume of trade each year – worth £ 8 billion in 2020 even with the pandemic – but the UK’s new internationalist outlook would provide new opportunities for the two Commonwealth partners.

“I wouldn’t say we’ve left Africa yet, so I wouldn’t say the phrase ‘Britain is back’ is the correct one, but we are definitely looking to revitalize and re-energize our relationship,” he said. he told this website.

“There is a lot to build on what is an already very established relationship, but it could be a lot more.

“It is the most industrialized and diversified economy in Africa and it is the UK’s largest trading partner in Africa, which is probably the result of hierarchical ties, linguistic ties, legal systems are the same.

“There is a great affinity with the UK. We don’t get any special favors just because we’re British, but a lot of people are very happy to do business with us if they can.”

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Mr Selous spoke to as part of a series of talks with UK trade envoys, exploring new post-Brexit opportunities for Britain.

The agreement with the Southern African Customs Union in 2019 renews the terms of UK trade with South Africa which the UK was covered during its stay in the EU.

The South West Bedfordshire MP said the deal provided a solid foundation for the two countries to expand their trade, with renewables a key area for greater collaboration thanks to the high winds from South Africa.

Mr Selous said: “South Africa has natural advantages when it comes to renewable energy, and the UK has skills and expertise in this area.

“I just think there is huge potential there to do a lot of things together for huge benefit for both countries.”

He added: “It is a country of 57 million people.

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This means that for two to four hours a day, parts of the country experience power outages.

Boris Johnson has pledged that the UK will lead a green revolution across the world, helping to reduce carbon admissions by switching to alternative energy sources.

L’Express is supporting his efforts with our Green Britain crusade.

“The stars have aligned one way,” Mr. Selous said.

“The UK is looking to be a major investor in Africa and to be the trading partner of choice.”

Describing one of the areas for improving the trade deal currently in place, the MP said South Africa’s green economy could be boosted by removing tariffs on UK car exports.

“This is a particular area which I think will be able to progress,” he said, explaining that the London Electric Vehicle Company – a world leader in the manufacture of green cars – was pushing for better access to fuel. country.

“I want the UK to make a lot of money from our expertise and skills in renewables.”

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