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Center for Brexit Policy think tank chief executive John Longworth has warned the UK could squander opportunities for a green revolution without a comprehensive plan. In an interview with, Mr Longworth insisted that Boris Johnson needs to implement important infrastructure for all green plans, like electric cars. He added that while green businesses need financial support and programs, mainstream businesses also need this support for the good of the entire UK economy.

Mr Longworth said: ‘Pushing back green is a good slogan, it is reminiscent of Harold Wilson’s phrase, the white heat of technology in the 1960s.

“Britain has potential advantages in developing green technology, so this is something we should be focusing on for service and manufacturing development going forward.

“But at the same time, we can’t just rely on that.

“Any available investment should be more widely accessible to entrepreneurs, startups and growing businesses in the UK, not just green businesses.

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“This is because we cannot rely on just one very small sector of the economy for our entire future.”

Mr Longworth also stressed the importance of having good infrastructure for any growth agenda in the UK.

He said: “We are also going to have to be very careful that we have the necessary infrastructure to be able to achieve some of the goals set by the Greener Reconstruction Program.

“For example, for electric cars, we need to make sure that we have the infrastructure to charge those cars.

Earlier this month, Mr Johnson reiterated his belief in rebuilding Britain as greener and more economically and environmentally stable.

On Earth Day, he urged world leaders to join forces to reduce carbon emissions and told them tackling the crisis will create jobs and boost economies around the world.

Mr Johnson warned that reaching sweeping new greenhouse gas reduction targets was not going to be easy.

But he said investing in green technology and making environmental changes will allow the world to “build back better” after the pandemic.

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