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Boost your business with these 3 artificial intelligence trends

Faced with the acceleration of digital transformation, new trends are emerging every day, mainly targeting customer service and its link with the brand. Keeping abreast of current events and above all adapting to them is extremely important for companies to maintain their competitive potential.

This year will be marked by a variety of innovative new solutions involving artificial intelligence, as technology advances to meet increasingly complex challenges. “Winning consumer trust, providing fast, efficient and humanized service, is paramount and will be a differential this year,” says Fernando Géa, Country Manager Brazil at Aivo, a conversational artificial intelligence company focused on customer experience.

According to Géa, in the race for more competitiveness, the one who has greater efficiency and advanced technological applications, to keep his promoter client, wins.

for request of Compassthe expert listed three trends in artificial intelligence that companies should pay attention to:

Omnichannel experience

Brands have already realized that they need to be present on all available channels that interact with their target audience, but presence alone is not enough. It is necessary to invest in the interaction channels most used by the customer, always thinking of an omnichannel performance, integrating the experience in the different spaces.

According to Fernando, it is possible to win the consumer even more by communicating on the channel of their choice, by optimizing and bringing empathy to the process.

“Offering agility and problem solving is a critical part of what will guarantee buyer return or even indication, after all when there is an immediate response the consumer realizes that he won’t be helpless and can have good support at any time,” he tells The Specialist.

Personalized service

Customers are increasingly demanding, autonomous and connected, so companies must be aware of trends and technological innovations that facilitate communication with the customer. The main objective is to further improve the relationship with the consumer, offering them a personalized experience.

Throughout the pandemic, virtual assistants have become an indispensable tool as consumers have been deprived of interacting in person with their favorite brands. This year, more personalized interactions between businesses and their respective customers remotely will make a big difference, but it takes a smart tool to make the solution not a hassle.

There are already tools with a semantic engine that aim to improve the accuracy of search results by understanding the terms and the user’s intent in relation to the search, such as Aivo. This ensures more modern, instantaneous and efficient interactions, which differentiates a humanized experience from a robotic service.

Potential of 5G with AI

5G connectivity has huge potential all over the world. Companies are reinventing their products, services and business models daily for customer-centric actions, prioritizing the design of real-time experiences. Mechanically, the digital transformation brought about by the arrival of 5G intensifies the relationship between the brand and the customer.

“Combined with artificial intelligence, 5G will provide more quality interactions in a highly connected society, always looking for faster answers and experiences.”

For Country Manager, the connection between AI and 5G will improve every point of the customer journey, helping to solve problems before they even arise.

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