Blackpool Council 2021 by-election: Norbeck’s candidates and their priorities

Four candidates vie for the seat of Norbreck on May 6, vacant following the death of former council head Peter Callow in November.

Mr Callow retained the seat in the 2019 local election as an independent not aligned with his wife Maxine, after the couple were deselected by the Conservative Party.

However, the Tory candidates in 2019 were not far behind, while Labor and Liberal Democrats fared less well.

Pam Haslam (independent)

I have lived in Mossom Lane for 35 years, am married, have two sons living there and five grandchildren, so I have always been interested in Norbreck, believing that the people of Norbreck should have a say in what is needed in their neighborhood.

As an independent advisor, I believe I can help achieve this goal.

I was a magistrate of Fylde for 25 years, being appointed vice president of the Fylde Coast, president of the Norbreck and Bowling tennis Club and governor of Montgomery High School for seven years.

I have known Maxine and Peter Callow for 30 years and believe that by working with Maxine we can continue the good work they both worked tirelessly for in the interest of the Norbreck neighborhood.

Julie Jones (work)

I am honored to have been chosen as the Labor Party candidate in my region of Norbreck.

I know firsthand how Covid can impact people, and I want to be part of a board that works to give others the support they need, including those who have lost loved ones.

I was born and raised in Blackpool so this is a place close to my heart. I came back here after college to work in the leisure industry, later becoming a lifeguard trainer / assessor.

I am a passionate conservationist studying ecology and conservation, and volunteer for the North Blackpool Pond Trail, Big Blackpool Beach Clean and support the Lancashire Wildlife Trust. I also volunteer with other local charities and pledge to make this commitment to the local community my role as an advisor if I am elected on May 6th.

Simon Jowitt (Liberal Democrats)

Over the past 12 months, communities have taken care of each other in ways not seen in many years.

I want this sense of community to continue in Norbreck, where I have lived with my wife and children for over 10 years.

As a key worker, I have felt a great sense of pride in playing my role during the lockdown, and I want the residents of Norbreck to feel the same sense of pride in our area.

As a parent of a disabled child, I will be a champion for adults and children with additional needs

I want all children to have the best possible start in life and to grow up in a safe and clean environment. Blackpool should be at the forefront of the green revolution.

The Liberal Democrats want to plan for the future and build a fairer, greener and more caring Britain and I believe that is something we can achieve here in Blackpool.

Julie Sloman (Conservative)

I know that some people feel that they have no say in the matter and that they have no choice as to where the city seems to be heading.

Running for this election is a way for me to help people find and use their voice, and to give them real choices about the things that matter to them and that are important to them.

Throughout my life working in nursing and social care I have worked hard to foster a deeper sense of belonging to the local community and the great family of Blackpool.

We are at our best when we all work together towards the same goal, contributing to our friends, family and community.

I have worked hard to guide my own children on the often difficult and arduous path of adulthood. It helped build not only their own determination and self-confidence, but also my own reserves of strength, pragmatism, determination and resilience.

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